Do you dare to believe? Curry actually lesodes the leadership of the defensive data in 16 years! He really has an idea for that award

On November 29th, Beijing time, the Warriors beat the bus 105: 90 to get 7 consecutive victories. At present, the Warriors have achieved 18 wins and 2 negative privileges in the League 1st. This game, the performance of the Warrior core library is still excellent. In the entire game, 22 shots in 22 were 12, and 7 three-pointers got 33 points and 5 rebounds 6 assists 6 steals. The Curry single game cuts at least 30 + 5 + 5 + 5 data, and the Warriors doing the Brang-Davis (made in 2006). In this game, Curre is not only full of aggressive at the offensive end. The defensive end is also impeccable, interesting, this month, in the early opening of this month, I was here: I would like to get the best defensive player (DPOY).

Become the defensive database, becomes the first person in the 16th year of the team. Single farming is not difficult to get 30 points. 30 points 5 rebounds 5 assists are not very difficult for the stars, but 30 + 5 + 5 is equipped with at least 5 steals. It is quite difficult. Curry did it today.

This season, the evolutionary naked eye of the Kuri defensive end visible. Now he has become an excellent defender of the league, and the data will not lie. After the end of this game, the number of countertops in the Curry has reached 1.8, and it has entered the top 15 of the whole league. For a 33-year-old player, the average 1.8 steadfags have been quite not easy.

The criminals in the blessing of the league, only one person in the duct, his name is Chris Paul. Lilad, Owen includes young Tercha, Morant’s steals, there is no excellent Current. The number of times in Curry this season can be taken to the top 5 in front of the career. The number of games in this season is more than 0.5 times, and the creative career is high.

Curry has been a player who has a strong steadfaction. He has got NBA steals king, and the highest steading in the single session exceeds 2 times. Curre is stealing, and it is very strong. Today, the race of the ram is raised, and the passers-by the passenger is expected by the reservoir. Once the Curre is successfully steals the warrior, it will play a fast counterattack, and we will know what happens.

Today, the Warriors use a quick attack to get a lot of scores, and they are full of aggressiveness in the defensive end. Under the high-pressure defense of the Warriors, the Clippers have experienced up to 25 mistakes in the entire game, and the shooting rate is low to 40%. Today is very successful today, and the two defender players in the bus are very low. Especially Jackson, Jackson Today, I have been in the 21 minute and 5 times. I have lost it. I haven’t given it to the account. The audience only sent 2 assists.

Curry This season also has some details worth noting in the defensive end. First, the reservoir is rarely unnecessary foul when defense. This is difficult to be valuable, and many teams will always think about the library when they face the Warriors. Create killing on him, but Curry is not a way. Before the game, the number of people in Curi is only 1.8 times. Curry is very good to control your own foul. His a lot of fight is a successful steal, rarely appear. There is no too much worry, the Warriors will always help him with the renewal of the renewal when they are sovered in the Curry, and the rotation speed of the Warriors character is quite fast.

Second, the Warriors continue to follow the defense and rotation of the strategy this season. For this offensive stars in Curre, the defensive end continues to rotate, and it is very consumed. But Curry didn’t care. Curry is 34 minutes in this season. At the same time, it is necessary to focus on defense. He can not only maintain better offensive efficiency, but also won the defensive end. Today, a person sent six steals and hitting seven three-pointers, and the attack and defense ruled the audience.

Curry said that the best defensive player’s big probability is to laugh. People know that the library is impossible to use the defensive end to do full, the Warriors’ defensive cornerstone is Green. However, the progress of the defensive end of the reputation this year is visible. We may wish to change an angle, a 33-year-old old, a team that should focus on attack. Actually, I took out the attitude of life in the defensive end, strive to fight, strive to change the defense, I am meticulous on the scene, is this attitude and will not be worth learning?

Why can the Warriors be able to take the first place in this season? It is the attitude of Curry. The team is old and the a summary is serious, and is it a role player, do you dare not prevent?

Curry is a great player, a great leader, and he will always use our own actions to show your attitude. As long as there is a Curry in the Warriors, it is the biggest popular of this season. The 33-year-old Curry created the best defensive performance inadvertently inadvertently. Let us also have to feel the terrible talents and personal abilities. Readers friends, how do you evaluate the defense of this season? Welcome to the comment area below the article.