Curi is! It is about to fight Rellar, it is 25 wins 33! Warriors reservation 6 winches

Jinzhou Warriors currently in the alliance first with 16 wins and 2 negative records, there is no weakened momentum. They are about to usher in an old opponent Portland pioneer. However, the Warriors and when the Stars should not care, because their results are absolutely dominant when they face the Blazers. In particular, Curry, Curry and the Blazers Star Lraded 33 times won 25 games, and the winning rate has long explained everything.

This 33 games have 23 in regular season, and there will be 15 conventions in these 23 conventional reservoirs. The record of the regular season is just the beginning. If you look at Curry and Lillad in the playoffs of the playoffs, the fans will definitely fall. Curry and Lillad played 10 games in the playoffs, and the 10 game warriors will win. Especially the Western Finals in 2019, the Warriors sweep the pioneers at the western final. At that time, Durant had not yet played, and the trailer was hung by the Warriors. It is worth mentioning that 17 points of the Time Radi Bon Festival in the Curi Chuangji game were also facing the pioneers.

The Blazers in recent years is the western strong team. Why do they fight when they face the warriors? It is actually the key to Key and Lilad. Curry is compressed by Lillad. We can say that Lillad is good at East and West, Lillad will not be proficient in Dongsi.

Taking three-pointer as an example, many people think that Lillad’s three-pointer level is not bad. On the same amount of production. But if the three-pointer efficiency is compared, the two are simply one day. Curren’s career is only two years ago, the three-pointer intermediate rate is less than 4%. Lillad career has only a three-pointer-hit rate of more than 40%. The Curry is not only three points in production, but also three points.

This season, the field of Curry three-pointed three-pointed-in-one league 1st, and the field scored 1st. The new rule has no impact on him. Confused Lilad, the field declined to 22 points, and the three-point hit rate was only 30%. At the beginning of the season, he did even have a single point to score.

In terms of organization, breakthrough, defensive, Lilad and Curri are not comparable. Take defenders, Curry once elected NBA steal king. Lillaer’s career has only 1 time, and there is not more than one time in the past two seasons. Many defenders of the league can take advantage of Lilad.

Of course, the opposition of Curry and Lilad is not the only factor in determining the gap between the two sides. There is also an important factor, the trailer of the Blazers is written by the Warriors.

Warriors This team is the founder of the league mystery, extremely good at unlimited anti-defense. The Blazers are a team that likes to sing and like to unlock. The Warriors’ defensive style is being targeted at Lilad’s offensive style.

Lillad is good at hitting the break and throws a far three points. Warriors will immediately change the defense and do not give him an opportunity. Warriors Mediend Roni will immediately go to the outside world. And the Warriors have improved the defensive levels this season. Vilins, Igodala, and Little Perton have a good defensive ability. The last season warriors wanted to win the pioneers in the case of unplenish lineup, and the Current was up to 62 points.

Also discrete pioneers, the Blazers, Middle Vargikich is a traditional inner player, and the speed of movement is not fast. If he is present, the warrior will be fully targeted. After the Curi is separated, the Nurkic is anti-defense or not? After the 2019 season, Selgiki is so defeated by the warrior.

This is just the internal defense. If you talk about the external defense, we will find that the pioneer’s problem is greater. The Blazers in recent seasons is one of the entire alliance offensive and defensive teams, and the attack is strong. The trailer’s double gun offensive firepower is indeed, and it can be defended. The Warriors outside this season showed outstanding, not in the library, Poole and Vilins performance were not bad. Is it possible to prevent the two-person cross?

Combined with the performance of the two sides and the lineup configuration, coupled with the past communication achievements, the probability of the Warriors will be very large, and even ten nine is stable. Warriors still fight home, there are many terrible fans at home. If this game will win a winning warrior, you will get 6 consecutive victories and have great improvements
to the team’s enthusiasm.

As for the Pioneer and Lilad, the probability of winning this game is not high, they can only go all out. But no matter what the results, no one should be connected to Lillad and Curi this season, and the two may not be a level of stars. The records and data have long shown everything. Readers friends, do you think this game can win smoothly? Welcome to the review area below the article.