Although the Chicago Winnabo team’s first guerrillas ADDISON RUSSELL were accused of abuse his ex-wife, Melisa Reid, the alliance also took a penalty for the ban, but the bear is still Decided to leave him before changing the deadline. This is an out, public opinion is inherent.While the decision announced, the Cabin’s Baseball Operation President, the Olympi Epstein, and Russell himself also published a statement. Rassa refers to his ex-wife and family in the statement, and said that he is trying to improve his repair, becoming a better person. At the same time, the Bear Team mentioned the team in their statement to part of the behavior of Russell, and they are paying attention to this issue. The bear hopes that they can help Racel ripe soon. However, a key part mentioned in Epstein’s statement is worth playing: “Although this decision (refer to approximately) gave the opportunity to change Russell, this does not mean that he will definitely stay in the bear. The team. “Field disputes with ex-wife have affected the performance of Russell24-year-old Rusale is no longer in the first time. In 2017, he was attacked in a social account of his ex-wife and friends. At that time, due to the asylum of the ex-wife, the alliance did not know this, and thus did not punish him. At that time, the Russel himself denied the matter. However, in the beginning of 2018, his ex-wife was detailed in the Internet to describe the passage of Russel’s abuse. At first, Russel did not recognize that after investigation, the final alliance made a decision to ban 40 games. Russell also accepted this penalty and did not file an appeal.These 40 banquets directly ended the 2018 season of Russell, he would wait until the next season, after May 3, it will be again on the game. For bearings, they don’t need to make a decision on the future of Russel. Staff the defensive ability of Russel is still worthy of affirmation, the two-way lines of Javier Baez have critical to the defense of the bear. Since the bear trades him from the Auckland sportswater, he gradually grow into a new generation of star guerrillas in the alliance.In 2016, MLB World Competition lassal played a full hoist, and the bear looks forward to the new season Racel can find a handful of two years ago.Russel was selected in 2016, and he played 21 projector hits in 2016, and there were 95 points of accounting, and also broke the “Goat Curse” with the wingn team and got the world series of competition. But this seems to be a lot of flowers, and after his score of the big alliance, he turned sharply. Now he can only play 16 strokes in the big parliamentary career, 70 points, and only 0.242 hits. The standard of star guerrillas is measured, and his development is significantly lower than expected.For bearings, they need to wear. It is a lot of money to stay with a player who still has a star potential, or the public opinion is standing together. Before the worsaw team, in order to break the goat magic, he did not hesitate to spend a big price from Yangji. It happened to, that season Chapman was also banned by the alliance because of the criticism.