15 points victory over the Trail Blazers welcome 6-game winning streak! Warriors in the game also used to see?

Warriors 118-103 pioneer!

Second period 3 minutes 17 seconds, then Powell CJ Poole glide pass secondary break finger roll hits, Cole finally could not stand, and call for pause.

The reason why Cole could not stand, because obviously not anti-Poole Powell, the bottom line in the penalty area Potter and Green formed a double ghost shoot the door trend. Logically speaking, this is also how the Powell stopped coming, but just so that he scored.

And before one minute, Noor Keech also has a middle https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com cut, Qiao Sa weak side is close to a recovery, it is difficult to expect him to do something for Noor Keech, so immediately Cole Porter change back, his body type is expected to recover from the wings protect the basket.

Dude, come up with a Porter effect Qiao Sa, it is up to you doing up? Deep-rooted big flicker comrades Cole mood at the moment there is a very classic argument, called “You stomp you Ma”, and if at this time if you Cole, may be more hopping than he.

Cole paused to shout down from the third quarter played less than five minutes to one and a half Curry dropped into the second half, a third of the years, the Warriors beat the Trail Blazers a wave of 24-8.

Warriors win today to win on this wave and current, they are familiar with how to play this wave flow of it?

In fact, the core is only one word: Defense! Give everybody look at a few screenshots wave flow in the stadium:

These https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com fragments were mighty defender Lee guidance, see figure three thin yellow jersey in profit guidance only wearing a red shirt, I am reminded of the dream of some cool Sen Ling “video game”, the crowd just like her a daring arouses pity, but in the end ……

From these fragments, we can very clearly see the profit guidance for the Warriors defensive strategy:

First of all on-line defender snapping him, do not give any chance to the three-point shot, his left hand while preventing him from the right breakthrough, to physical confrontation as he drove to the corner or inside.

As long as the guidance sudden interest in, defender on the strong side of the front line defense never stop bit, while Green is always ready to fill the seats raids in the penalty area. As a result, three people form a triangle, to facilitate guiding the formation of encirclement.

Lee guidance outside investment can not be one-third each to the inside of a sudden saw three men surrounded the triangle, he hit very uncomfortable.

This guide is none https://www.nbatrikots4.com other defensive weaknesses were exposed to their heads: I have always said profit guidance is not a born organizer, his lack of height, resulting in his field of vision to read the game is not the top, the ball is not the top.

Therefore, when he was surrounded, he is hard like James or so east Zupan?i? ball, he did not strike the inside of the strong kill the body, so this time, only the referee can save him.

Warriors did give physical confrontation, but the referee in this field scale is to encourage confrontation, standing next to Lee guidance is not blowing. Lee hit the last second so anxious to guide, apply directly to the referee a technical foul.

Blazers coaching staff also could not stand, Billups did not move, a direct assistant referee blew expelled two technical fouls, which is why the Blazers got nothing dry the beginning of the third quarter, Curry directly on the penalty free throw line two goals.

Lee guidance was anti-death, the Warriors offense is two themes: fight back and fight Noor Keech.

Warriors fight back much we all know, they averaged 100.53 round, sixth in the league; averaged 17.6 points in fast-break points, the league first.

So focus on that part of the fight Noor Keech, said this is enough two rounds.

The first is the end of the second section of the library and finally dropped into third, the ball is very simple, it is Green Curry out to cover, the first cover when Noor Keech rushed out of the library and profit guidance formed a pincer attack.

Curry homeopathic back to Green, and then back pocket and Green hit a hand-delivered hand, this time Nur Keech get out, completely blocked the guidance of Lee Green, Curry-thirds voted in a training mode, the Warriors 58-44 lead Portland with 14 points.

In fact, the other side of the anti-Poole CJ has come up, but CJ is too short, and he also Guzhe the other side of Poole, so just scare Curry.

Even if he did come up, the library can also be passed to the Poole-thirds vote before the 90 seconds, the two also has a similar fit.

The second fight Noor Keech classic bout was the first third of the second half dropped into the library:

Green arc coordinate the ball, Curry and Poole near the right baseline to make a cross, appears to be the cover of the wall of the https://www.nbatrikots4.com library to borrow Looney roll out cut out the cover of the ball in the arc of 45 degrees, dropped into third .

The first cover with a cross Poole, the Blazers selected substitutions, but when Looney Curry to the second screening, Noor Keech get out, CJ has been blocked. It’s hard to imagine the history of the first three-point shooter in the library will lose this opportunity, the Warriors 66-48 lead Portland with 18 points!

Lee guidance recent state really has been warmer, but the pace of the game today face the Warriors this defense, it really was not his habit and likes.

It is also interesting Blazers Spear: annual profit guidance beginning of the state are general, CJ state was particularly good, slowly name of the name, Lee directed state back, CJ and die.

In addition to the Nuggets play to play, CJ recent state can be said to be a mess, it was https://www.maillotbasket6.com anti-death benefit guidance, CJ also stand out, relying on a small Simmons, Portland is no chance of winning.

After the win over the Trail Blazers, Warriors and a six in a row. The ever-changing defense, the Warriors now is really horrible place.

Warriors in the game also used to see, after waking up is a ()?

Everybody fill in the blank.

Thank you for reading!