Big rollover! The two European champions have not lived through the World Cup, and the most brutal journey in history came.

World preliminaries crazy! Two European champions gathered together with the competition, 12 teams fight 3 World Cup seats!

2022 Qatar World Cup European Qualifier was exposed to the two games, 2016 European Cup champion Portugal and 2020 European Cup champion Italy did not pass through the World Cup, they will join Sweden, Poland, Wales, Russia, Czech, etc. In the ranks of the 12 teams, compete for the number of the remaining three World Camisetas Mbappe Cups in the European area, while Portugal and Italy may even be staged, the World Europe is the most competitive world.

In 2022, Qatar World Cup is 32, and the European Federation of 55 Member Association occupies 13 seats, which is the most amazing in all continents, but because the level of European Maglie Paris team is generally higher than other continents, the European district premium competition is the most Intense, this also leads to many people to think that the World Cup seats in the European region should be allocated to more World Cup.

The European World Cup qualifier is also quite cruel. How did the 55th team of European Federation compete for these 13 seats?

The European district preliminary group is divided into 10 groups, 10 groups of head names through the World Cup, such as Germany, Denmark, France, Belgium, Croatia, Spain, Serbia, England and Switzerland, and Switzerland all successfully Directly entered Qatar, the Netherlands in G group, Turkey and Norwegian teams will compete for the remaining straight-through race in the early morning of November 17, Beijing.

The second team of 10 groups will be the best achievement with the European Division, but the two teams before the World European pre-group will participate in the surplus, compete for the remaining three final seats.

A total of 12 teams will be divided into 3 groups, 4 teams, two or two teams, winning two teams will also make a single round, winning the World Cup, each group of 4 teams Generate a World Cup team, and the cruel level can be imagined.

With Portugal, the two European Cup champions of Italy also entered the addition, which will lead to more competitive, and even eliminate the scenes of Portugal and Italy to compete for a World Cup race.

In addition to Portugal and Italy, there is currently identified teams that will participate in the European Zone Preliminaries and Russia, Scotland, Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden, Wales, Austria and North Macedonia. The remaining two teams will be produced in the D group (Finland, Ukraine) and the G group (Netherlands, Norway, Turkey).

For Portugal and Italy, the good news is because they are one of the second groups of 6 groups, so they will fight at the European district preliminaries, and the two teams will not be added. The competition semi-finals meet early.

However, the surcharge finals will be determined by draw, and it is more than 20% of Italy and Portugal, which means that Portuguese and Italy are expected to meet in the finals. In addition, C Luo is expected to be players with Levan, Ibra. Perform a positive pair.

In 2022 Qatar World Cup European Qualifier Sedimental Ceremony will be carried out at 0:27 Beijing time, and the landing position of 12 teams will be announced.

After that, they will experience the four months of suffering until it will play life and death in late March.

In any case, this is destined to be the highest race in the European area of ??the world.

nogometni dresovi
nogometni dresovi