8.5 names benefit the country? The former Premier League wanted to change the Asian fish strokes, and the home is far super.

Beijing time November 29, the British media news, the telecommutic Faik Bolkia, who has trained in the English superior team, has joined the MaritiMo Club, this There is a great football dream in the super rich second generation of more than 2 million in the family.

FaikI hope that Brunei’s football can be strong and strive for 8.5 outlines in fotbollstrojor med tryck Asia under the next World Cup.

Hassan – Faik – Bolkia(Hassanal Faiq Bolkiah), The world’s richest football player. Its home is far djeCji dresovi from C Luo and Messi. And his family wealth is higher than the boss of his previous boss.

And Wu Zun, who is an ordinary Brunei businessman, Dad, Fatik Bolkia’s father is the brother of Brunei Sudan. Faik is his father’s eldest son, and the only son that is legally recognized. In addition, Jeffrey Bolkia is extremely loved by Faik.

Although it is a super rich second generation, the Asian boy in Los Angeles is born in Los Angeles, but does not love basketball, likes to go to football. His parents hope that he can succeed in Premier League.

However, Premier League competition is very fierce, Faik does not have much opportunity.

After completing the primary school football career, he went to the Nanafuton Youth College. In 2013, the Asian Tour for Arsenal was later to Chercy, and trained for 2 years in the team. Next, Leicester gave him a three-year contract, but he still did not leave.

Although in Premier League training for many years, there is no chance to give Faik. This year, he joined the team Madla Airlines, the Portuguese Super League, seeking the opportunity to play.

Madeila Navigation Sea Bottom season is not good, only the 14th place in League. The first 12 rounds of competitions, Faik did not enter the big list.

GoodFaikStill very young, he was born in 1998, but it is just a “U23” player. However, the European League can have no relevant rules. Want to get a chance,Faik BolkiaIt takes more efforts to pay.

Faik BolkiaFather Jeffrey –Bolkia is a famous Brunei PuppyMany beautiful women around him, the cost of each month is35 million pounds. Some people say that in the past 15 years, he waved a family 10 billionSterling (above data from the British media).

Jeffrey’s 50-year-old birthday, in order to give the 7-year-old Faik a little surprise, he spent 12.5 million pounds to take the King Superstar Michael Jackson, please go home to the concert. In order to let MJ play, he also spent a small stage in Los Angeles.

However, Faik is not interested in these. In his heart, there is only a football.

In the past 3 years, Fasik has played 6 times for the Brunei team and opened 1 goal. At present, he has become the captain of the Brunei team. Brunei’s current international ranking is 188, but this Brunei believes that the team has hope to rise.

The next World Cup, the quota of Asia’s exquisite will become 8.5. This is a good opportunity for the Football Team in Brunei.

Faik’s body is not bad, height is 178cm, weight 76kg (and Wu Zun is much different). The position of Faik is the left avant-garde or left.

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