666! Messi is holding the sixth golden game, the legend is still going on …

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The 2019 Golden Ball Awards Ceremony was held in Paris this morning, and Messi was awarded this heavyweight award, Fan Daik and C-C-column second and third. Sixth International Footage Year Best Player (Mr. World Football), Six Golden Boots, Six European Gold Boots, this is the honor of Messi.

Messi and his six golden game

C Rosti knows that he has no award, he did not come to Messi platform, but to the Agou Oscar Awards Ceremony received the best player trophy of last season.

At the awards at this morning, Messi took a trophy from the last Golden Globe winner. Messi has realized the Si Dynasty at 2009 to 2012, including the Golden Globe Award and the World Football Mercedent into the International Football Golden Globe Award (2010 to 2012).

2016 and 2017, C Luo included the World Football Mr. and Golden Globe Awards; 2018, Moderich Block Mr. World Football and Golden Award. In 2019, although Barcelona did not win the Champions League champion, Argentina did not win the Championship of the Americas, but Messi still included chana future news the World Football and the Golden Award again after ten years.

In 2019, Messi participated in 63 goals in the National Team and Club, including 46 goals and 17 assists, ranked first in the European team players. Messi was injured in the season, only represents Barcelona 1112 minutes, contributing 11 goals and 8 assists, including 4 times directly to break the door.

Messi marathi news satara is not the peak of Messi, but still is still regarded as the first person in the international football. Messi and the six golden ball awards, the scene is very spectacular, he said: “I remember 22 years old to Paris to receive the first Golden Globe, I came with my 3 brothers. After 10 years, I took the 6th Golden Games at different moments. I have a very different stage in my life. I came here with my wife and 3 children. My brothers and nephew accompanied me. “

“Mei ball king” has been 32 years old. He also said in a prize-winning say: “I know my age, I am now enjoying football, because I am approaching the retirement. I hope to continue to enjoy football, enjoy and family Time together, even enjoy the opponent, and enjoy my life. “

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It is the era of Messi, still continuing

After Liverpool, Daiku is ranked second in the awards, regretting the Golden Globe. C Luo continued to enter the number of records before the Golden Games in eight years, was broken, and only ranked third this year, he has entered the top three for nine consecutive years.

The fourth to tenth stars are in the Saha, Sarah, Mbpe, Alidon, Levanoski, Bernardo, Mahres.

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