"Nonely" won 4 nominations of the Golden Ball Award, Zhao Ting became the first director nominated Asian woman

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US local time February 3, Saraj Jessica Parker and Taraji P · Hansen two actors have announced the list of the 78th American Movie TV Globe Award.

In terms of movies, David Finqi directed “Mank” led by 6 nominations, followed by the five nominations of “Chicago Seven Mandarin Trial”. “Father”, “The Girl” and delhi ncr news live “Nothing” won 4 nominations.

“Mank” stills

Zhao Ting, Regina Gold, Emerald Finner three female director nominated the best director award, this is the first time in the history of the Golden Games, three female director were nominated, Zhao Ting became the first gold The Chinese female director nominated by the Best Director Award, is also the first asian woman in the first nomination of the hindustan hindi patna news paper Golden Globe Award.

Zhao Ting Data CFP

Zhao Ting directed the film “None of the land” to win the best director, the best drama film, the best heroine, the best script.

China-US cooperation cartoon “Fly to the Moon” get the best cartoon nomination.

nanded news live today The best actor of the competition plot, the “father” of Anthony Hopkins, “Father”, starred in “Mank”, Gary Odman, and Lit Amad (“Voice of Metal “), Delrow Forest (” Patho five people “), Tagha Lichim (” Mauritania “).

“Father” stills

The best actress of the competition drama, Kerry Murgan (“Girls” in the future “), Francis McDone (” Nothing “), Va Na Biki ( “Women’s Debris”), Viola Davis (“Blue Tonance”) and Andra Dai (“American v. Jiali Harle”).

“Nothing” stills

Among the TV prizes, “Wang Crown” (fourth quarter) leads 5 nominations, “Fujia Poor Road” (Sixth Season) won 5 nominations, “Black Money Resort” (third quarter) and “do not do” (limited drama ” The two episodes were nominated together. In terms of playback platform, this year Netflix leads in 20 items, ranking 7 nominations of HBO.

The film produce company is also Netflix pulls the lead, getting 22 nominations, and the second is the 7 nominations of the Amazon industry. Thereafter, 5 nominations of the focus of the shadow, the Sony shadow, and Disney.

Affected prega news user reviewsby the epidemic, the Golden Games holds the Hollywood Foreign Reporter Association, this year’s participation in the movie, not in the case of the practice that must be released in the cinema.

It is reported that the 78th American Movie Globe Awards Ceremony will be held on February 28.

Some of the nomination of the Golden Globe

Movie class

Drama class best film:

“Chicago seven gentleman trial”

“无 之 地”



“The girl in the future”

Music / Comedy Best Film:

“graduation party”



“Palm Springs”

Polat 2 “

Best foreign language tablet:


“Come to the Japanese”

Alcohol plan

“Crying woman”

“Both of us”

Best Cartoon:


“心灵 奇 旅”

“Flying to the Moon”

“1/2 magic”

“Crazy Primitive 2”

Best Director:

Zhao Ting “Nothing”

Allen Sopein “Chicago Seven Mandarin Trial”

David Vinci “Mank”

Lejina Gold “Miami’s night”

Emerald Finnol “The Girl in the Forward”

Best actor of drama class:

Anthony Hopkins “Father”

Lit Amad “Voice of Metal”

Delrow Lin more “swearing five people”

Gary Odman “Mank”

Tagha Lichim “Mauritania”

The best actress of the plot:

Kerry Murgan “The Girl in the Forward”

Francis McDonte “Nothing”

Vanessa Kebi “Women’s Debris”

Viola Davis “Blue Tonance”

Andra Dai “United States v. Jiali Harle”

Best Male Angle:

Daniel Carloa

Bill Murray “Touch Refer”

Saha Byron Cohen “Chicago Seven Mandarin Trial”

Little Leisley Odom “Miami’s night”

Jereide Letro “Spider Sist”

Best Female Angle:

Olivia Coleman “Father”

Amanda Seffreide “Mank”

Glen Klos “The Sorrow of the Countryside”

Judy Foster “Mauritania”

Helena Zerger “World News”

Best original soundtrack:


World News

“心灵 奇 旅”


Midnight sky “

Best original song:

Fight for you

IO Si (Seen), “Come to Japan”

Speak now, “One Night of Miami”

TIGRESS & TWEED, “United States v. Jiali Harle”

Hear my voice, “Chicago Seven Mandarin Trial”

Best script:

“Chicago seven gentleman trial”

“无 之 地”



“The girl in the future”

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