Getting started in the first school, why China is basically breast swimming, the United States is free to swim?

As one of the four major sports events in North America, with the joining and promotion of Xiaogong Yao Ming, it has great influence in Asia, especially in China, NBA and even in many people. The world’s first sports league, but in the United States, NBA is actually not the first movement. Compared with baseball and football, NBA is low, and there is still a low number of people, and there is a low in the world. Slightly better than the ice hockey, and in the previous NFL super bowl, Tampawan pirate sits on the home of 31-9, defeating the chief, 43, the 43-year-old legendary star Breddy got the super lockdown news delhi bowl title Also let many people throw questions, Braddy and Michael Jordan, who are more great?

As we all know, Jordan is the first person in NBA and even the whole world basketball history, in the NFL rugby game, Braddy’s name and reputation, compared aaj tak live news in hindi today to Jordan, it is still, put two people together, can say It is a very great athlete, but if only this topic is placed in the United States, then there are no doubt that most people will think that Braddy is more than Jordan’s greatness, even put Jordan and James together, they both The achievements have no big people in Braddy. After all, in the United States, the number of football people is more, and the body confrontation pursued by this movement, and the competition of intelligence and reaction on the court, more in line with Americans, Braddy can The 43-year-old age will get the champion of the super bowl again. This is a miracle.

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10 times into the super bowl, 7 times got the champion, and got 5 FMVP, Braddy’s achievements were not unreasonable, but if such comparison is in China, then I am afraid that McGrady or a library, popularity is better than Breddy is much higher, after all, there are not many people who pay attention to NFL and rugby in China. Even many people don’t know who Braddy is because of this different cognition for sports projects. Braddy and Jordan, there will be different status in different people’s minds.

In fact, this comparison is not in the same sports field, it is quite a taste of Qin Qiong. After all, no one will put Jordan and Braddy on the same game. Who will deny anyone. If Jordan enters the rugby court, there will be no such achievements today, and who can think that Brradi enters the basketball area will not work?

Therefore, for this problem, there will never have an answer. Everyone will have their own awareness, and they will support the idols who love themselves.

Special Editor: Su Daqiang

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