NFL September 13th Competition Summary: Winston 5 Dharma 灭 Green Pack Emirates Reverse Brown

On September 13, Beijing time, the NFL2021 sectors will fully end the regular season.Today, there are 14 games to start, what is the battle of the game?Let’s take a look!

Cincinnati Tiger 27-24 Minnesota Viking

The future of the tiger depends on the quarter Wei Qiao Bolo. Today, Tiger and the Viking of Viking, Bo Bo Brave in the crucial moment, and connects the neighborhood CJ Uka, win the team.Valuable shooting opportunity.Evan McMesen completed 33 yards shot, and sent to Weijin to open the door.This bureau-free Wi-Beijing four-point guards came out of 315 yards 2 to do not make up, and Bolo showed a very high passed forward, 261 yards in 20, and achieved two reaches.

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San Francisco 49 people 41-33 Detroit Lion

Nick Boza is too embarrassed, and it is constantly imposed pressure to Jarid Gaofu. Durre-Green Lu dedicated a copy of 49 people and helped the team to win 21 points in the first half, the team kept a score and eventually defeated the lion. The lion is not a chance, and they have pursued the fourth quarter, but they did not use the fetus of Samuel. Most of the competitions, 49 people are more like a team that enters the super bowl two years ago, not a team that lost 10 games last season because of severe injuries.

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Seattle Sea Eagle 28-16 Indianapolis

Russell Wilson feels good in the new attack of the Hawks, he found the external connections of the empty block, complete the three-speed conversion, and pass four times. Especially 30 minutes before the first half, Wilson completely torn the defense of the horses alliance ranking TOP10. Wenz also has a good performance for the pedestrian show for the Pony, and passed the 251 yard 2 to 2 to the array, and did not have a copy.

Philadelphia Eagle 32-6 Atlantan Falcon

For the eagle, use a big victory to meet the beginning of the today news in hyderabad in telugu new era, it is too perfect. The second grade four-point guards Herz came out of 3 times, the victory of the eagle, this is also the first victory of Nick Siriai. The rest of the tour will take the Wenz, and the latter seems very good. Another new show of the eagle, five-round Show Kenneth-Gangwell, gains an 8-yard ball for a 8-yard ball in the third section to lock the team.

Los Angeles Lightning 20-16 Washington Football Team

This game is full of mistakes, fouls, and second-grade lightning quartz Habiburt out 337 yards and 1 to 1 to 1 to 1 to 1, and the team’s score efficiency needs to be improved. The two teams have a total aaj tak khabar news of 14 fouls, and they were punished for 141 yards, and there were 3 times. Sterley became the second lightning instructor who won the show, and today happened to be her mother’s birthday. Washington four-point guard in the second quarter is injured in the second quarter, and the injury is further confirmed.

Arizona, Red Picture 38-13 Tennesi Toy

Murray played a dazzling competition, the boy may become better in the third season of career. Murray got 5 times today, including 4 passed a ball reached and 1 rush to reach, defensive front line killing money Deller – Jones also cut 5 times (first quarter 3 times), Tannini hit the dizzy. bangla news live video Qian Qiong ‘s stunning performance has ranked James in the social media as a good, announced that he is “the best defensive player”, and the addition of Jones also caused Titan to drop the ball, the rickets used twice to get 14 points.

Houston Texas 37-21 Jacksonville America Tiger

Watson does not fight the game, and the Texas’ s old four-dimensional tide Rod Taylor is stable, and the team is defeated with an overwhelming scene. Zhenlang Lawrence came out of 332 yards, and it was 3 times to be copied. In view, Lawrence also needs to adapt to NFL, and often leak out the outer connections of the blanket position, which is mainly responsible for several mistakes.

Carolina Black Leopard 19-14 New York Jet

Darnard’s first game in the season, there is no heart to the old master, and there is no heart, passing 279 yards and 1 time. He is very exciting with Robie Anderson’s 57 code. Christian – McCrere was absent from 13 games last season. Today, the injury has completed 30 touch balls, and the accumulation has advanced 187 yards. Then the bold double threat runs back! Jet, the rookie quartz Wezak-Wilson 37 passed 20, and the 2nd reached 1 was copied, and it was killed 6 times.

Pittsburgh Steelman 23-16 Buffalo

The big heart is clear, the new attack of the steel man needs to be adapted for a while, so everyone is expected to stand up in the defensive group. T. J. Watt and his teammates have done it, and the special team also created surprises. Watt made 2 kills and 1 time, let Bill attack difficult to advance. The first half of the steelman defensive group controls the situation, and the second half is largely led to the offensive group for four consecutive scores.

Denver Yellow Horse 27-13 New York Giants

The ranch field wild horse introduced Teddy Bridgewater from the black panther, the quadruption 36-pass 28 promoted 264 yards, got twice, a total of 9 different gangli. In addition, this game is also a giant running Weakan – Barkley after a long time, but the “thigh” 10 times is only 26 yards. Giants quit Daniel-Jones coil Sterling-Xie Pad gets 37 yards, and there is another self-rush to reach, and there is a key red zone.

New Orleans Saint 38-3 Green Bay Packaging

Amazing score, amazing game results, amazing quadruple performance, this game is the most cold door of NFL first round. Saints can only win the package in Florida because of the hurricane, and the result is a 35-point hiking opponent, which is undoubtedly rejuvenating the new Orleans fans who are rebuilding their homes and lives. Winston came out of 5 times, and the opposite regular game MVP Alon Rogers sent 2 copying, making people can’t help but doubt that they did not change their identity. In the Hain Dru-Bris, the Saint has opened the door with such an overwhelming victory, which is very excited.

Miami Dolphin 17-16 New England Patriot

As far as the game scene, the patriot rookie four-guard “full class” is better than the second grade of the dolphin, the patriot’s offense is better than the dolphins, but the patriot is there. Too many mistakes. This is the two consecutive victories of the dolphins to the patriots. In the same year, Amia was defeated them. This is a 202 yard from the 82 yards of 1 to 1 time being copied, and there is a shower to reach.

Kansas City Chief 33-29 Cleveland Brown

Brown hits a good ball, four points Wei Mefield passed the ball and trembled, checked, Hunter and Randri three squats to attack a hammer sound. However, the second half of the wind is mutant, and the Brown offense is suddenly no longer smooth. Mahms came out of 337 yards and 3 times, continued his magical data for him in September and 0 copies.

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