Barcelon official website reports Messi into FIFA’s best candidate: June or our player

On August 10, 2021, Messi fledglla in Paris Saint-Germain with a free player, so far, Messi has played 9 games for Dad Paris, two Champions League, seven league. The Champions League has a goal, but the head of the league has been won yesterday.

Messi is 778 play in Barcelon, scored 672 goals, completed 305 assists, helping Barcelona won 10 La Liga champions, 7 Kings champions, 8 Spanish super cup latest update today champions, 4 Champions League champions, 3 European super Cup championship and 3 world cup championships. Personal honors are also fruitful.

The Messi during the Barcelona period is undoubtedly the existence of God, and the wonderful goal of Messi has a number. But since I arrived in Big Paris, every time I saw Messi’s game, I always felt less than something, he took a plate, and when the breakthrough, he felt that the ball will be broken. It may be a new club, there is no reason for the prior to the tactics and status. Big Paris is currently the core of Mbpe, Messi is more in the organization of the organization, and there is still a lot of ball rights.

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After Yesterday, Paris Saint-Germain has a significant increase in the ball of Messi, the threat of Messi has increased significantly, and the threat to the penalty area is great. Suddenly I feel that the familiar Messi is back. The top forwards of Mal, Mbpe, Messi, the top of Male, Mbpe, Messi, so the problem is the most important, I believe that the players and coaches can find the most comfortable game model through a running in a period of time, players and coaches.

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Messi is now the end of your career. The game is also a little one, so I hope that Messi can continue to shine in Big Paris.

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