82 minutes kill the game, 2

Original title: 82 minutes kill the game, 2-0! Juventus has won again, anti-Super Murinio, fight for four

On November 21st, Beijing time, the 13th round of Sergeture, Juventus rely on Bobuchi’s penalty plum, 2-0 defeated Lazio. Now, Juventi’s points have been reversed in Rome in Murinio, coming to the point of the standings, I’m going to rebuild the hope.

The first 12 rounds, Juventus 5 wins 3 flat 4 or 18 points ranked google comnews8th, Lazio is 6 wins 3 wins 3 flat 3 or 2 points column 5, both parties only 3 points. Therefore, this is not only a strive of four cards in advance, but also a strong dialogue worth 6 points.

Obviously, Juventus is a more spicy party. According to the data, Juventus’s balloons are only 42%, but it is not as good as Lazio, but has created 11 shot opportunities, and 5 shots are positive, and they are far ahead.

Only 6 minutes of opening, Danina is injured, Juventi is forced to change people, Ku Lusevsky debut, this dramatic change, actually became the winner of Juventus wins.

In the 22nd minute, Qatardi is penalized in the penalty area, put Morata in the ground, and the to day breaking news referee will get a point of the ball after confirmation, Bouqi felt, 1-0!

Easy is only 1 minute, Kurucefski is right, and the small angle of the single angle of Aedier is single, and is blocked by Rener.

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In the 82nd minute, Kucussevi came directly. Xiao Yeda had kills the penalty area after the Rena, and the latter is inherently implemented tactical fouls behind him, and it is a little bit.

Bouqi fencing the next city, Juventus officially killed the game. In the end, Juventus 2-0 won Lazio, realizing Series 2 consecutive victories and competitions 3 games.

Juventure this season is falling in a downturn, and the first 4 rounds of 2 flat and 2 will fall into the downgrade. But now they have gradually retrieved, anti-Super Murinio’s Rome came to the 5th place in the standings. In addition, Juventus has excellent performance in the Champions League, and the news headlines today live team has been taken 2 rounds after winning.

At present, although Juventus is still behind Leader Naples, it is more than 4 points from the 4th of the four points, but it is not a chasing.

Juventus 1: 1-Shiksini, 6-Deni Nilo, 4-Delhikt, 19-Bono, 17-Luca-Pelegrini, 11-Quadrado, 14-Macken Ni, 25-Rabio, 27-Locate, 9-Morata, 22-Kissa

Lazio Sample: 25-Reina, 3-Louis – Feli, 23-Hisi, 33-Archerby, 20-Matia-Zakani, 21-Milinkovic, 29-pull Zhali, 32-Cataldi, 7-Feli-Andon, 9-Pedro, 10-AlbertoReturn to Sohu, see more


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