How far is the national football team Ping Aman? How far is it from developing campus football to raising the national team?

In the 2022 Qatar World Cup Asia Pre-selection 12, the 2022, the Chinese national men were 1: 1 to the Oman team, once again triggered the hot discussion.

Can the national football team create a miracle?

In 2015, the State Council issued the “Overall Program of China Football Reform and Development”, which proposed a number of initiatives to promote the development of campus football.

On December 20, 2019, at the Press Conference of the Ministry of Education, Li Chunman, deputy director of the National Youth Campus Football Expert Committee, said that at this stage, my country’s football national character has not been unveiled on the international high-level competition stage, nor Exquisite to your ability and talk about high levels of competition. One of the reasons is to repeat past errors due to the thoughts of eagerness. Currently, you need to explore and build a young training system in accordance with my country’s national conditions and characteristics.

It is well known that one of the successful experiences of international football developed countries is to do a good job in grassroots football and adolescent development, based on national truth and characteristics, establish a set of young backup talent training systems, and formulate long-term development plans, through high-quality trainers. Training, long-term system adhere to high levels of adolescent selection and training. Li Chun was pointed out,To achieve the dream of Chinese football, things that need to be done is the intention of teaching, summing up the shortcomings of the past, analyzing foreign development experience, exploration and establishing a Qing training system in accordance with my country’s national conditions and characteristics.

In recent years, the Ministry of Education attaches great importance to the campus football work, and a series of campus football systems, documents have launched a series of new initiatives. At present, “Star” training camp and national campus football summer camp are a good exploration and practice.

According to the Ministry of Education, from 2014 to 2019, we have established 27059 campus football characteristics, set up 38 campus football reform test areas, 160 of the campus football pilot counties (districts), layout construction “full star” training 80 camps, recruit high-level football team universities 181. Nearly 20 million students receive 1 football lesson education, organize proceedings and school league per week.

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Some people may ask, the campus football vigorously engages in five or six years, why is the national team not going? Some people will be curious. In recent years, is the children playing in the school really?

Director of the Office of the National Youth Campus Football Work Leading Group, Wang Dengfeng, the Director of the Ministry of Education, Sports Health and Art Education, believes thatOnly the framework of campus sports is living, and the spine of China’s competitive sports can stand up.. Wang Deng said: “In this process, if we construct a competition system of the entire school sports, just like the campus football in the class, the interior of the class, the grade league, the school-speed Mbappé Jersey league, layered selection mechanism In fact, the school’s sports popularization work is also a very direct, very large platform for the standing and very huge talents. This platform plays fundamental role in improving the competitive level of China’s sports. Specialized training, Selecting people on this platform for system training, laid a solid foundation for the improvement of China’s competitive sports. “

FIFA statistics show that young people in the world’s football population account for 80%, and professional players account for 0.2% of football population. We don’t guarantee that all young football participants in the future become professional players, not to say is a national team player. We need to pay attention to the huge educational function Manchester United Jersey of football.

“After promoting popularization, there are more people who play in campus. There are more people who will play, and people who have played well.” Wang Deng said.

In September last year, the Ministry of Education, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, the Sports General Administration, the Sports General Administration, the Communist Youth League, China Football Association jointly “National Youth Campus Football Eight System Construction Cheap Soccer Jersey Action Plan”, clearly proposes the national adolescent campus football to build an eight major system .

On June 18 this year, the country’s first new football school opened in Henan, which marked the official landing of “new football school” in the “China Football Reform Development Overall Program”. Regarding the operation mode of the new football school, Wang Dengfeng said that this new football school in Henan Kaifeng is not a strict sense of entity school, but a mechanism for cultivating outstanding football backup talents into the national education system.

Some people say how to strengthen the cultural educational faculty of Chinese football youth, let parents and children no longer have worries, can create a young training Football Shirts Wholesale system close to Japanese football, will be one of the long-term development of Chinese football.

What do you think?

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