Wenge: The future may coach the national team’s two-year World Cup proposal to make football better

Wenger was coached in Arsenal 22 years, until 2018, because the team can only compete for four, but is “driven away” by fans and media. But in any case, Wenge has created a era in Arsena. The 2003-04 season, Arsenal Premier League won the championship, and eventually unable to settle in 49 games, which in Premier League is unprecedented, and it is likely to be By. Recently, Amazon specializes in the Wenge “Alzin Wenger: Unbeaten Division”, re-recalling and telling this Yingzheng unbeaten legend.

On Tuesday’s premiere, Wenge accepted media interview. Wenger first said that he was refused to make such a documentary, “It is the friend around me to take this film, honestly Liverpool Jersey say that I am not very thinking, I don’t like too much talk, I am more I want to be in the future, but I finally accepted this suggestion. I am a little nervous, because I hope it can be praised, I hope people will like it. “Wenger was asked by the reporter to think that this film is doing, Professor said, “I haven’t seen a complete version yet, I just did a lot of interviews, I finally got to tell me what I think.”

Soccer Jersey DiscountThe Wenger’s past disciple Alteta is now taught Arsenal. He also attended the premiere. He thanked Wenger, in addition to let him spend a beautiful player career, and he also enlighten him to become a real coach, “no He will not be the coach of Arsenal. He 100% is the reason why I became the coach. I was very young, there were many ideas, but he was another level. He inspired me. He. Very good at the discipline of the club’s values ??and ideas to the players, he gave me a lot of very deep problems, which made me start to study hard, and more seriously viewed this job. “

The front of Manchester United experienced the Football Shirts Wholesale crisis, requiring the voice of the lessons under the classes in Solskia, and some media reported that Ferguson retained Ole’s handsome. Ferguson retired also specified his successor Moyes, this summer C Luo returned to Manchester United, and the opinions of the priest also played a lot. So many reviewers pointed out that Manchester United is still living under the shadow of Ferguson, and Ferguson’s influence does not disappear a day. Manchester United is difficult to usher in a new era. In this regard, Wenger is very popular, he said many times, he won’t go back after he left Arsenal, he won’t “stepping into the same river twice.” Although Wenger pays distance, actually Arsenal is very similar to the Temperature and Manchester United. The two Premier League of the old hegens have gradually gradually stepped from the Premier Cheap Soccer Jersey League and the Champions League.

But as a gunner, the current coach, Alteta is welcome to watch the club, “I hope that he will appear in the club, I think the players will like this, and can benefit from it, with his incentive club It will be greatly improved. He has been working in more than 20 years of intense work. It is to take a break, but I think he returns to the club, let everyone benefit. “

Wenge currently serves as the International Football Development Director. He said that in the FIFA, he will not be his last job about football. He may return to the coach. “I am a crazy crazy. The madman will do some crazy decisions, but I decided not to do it now (as the coach), maybe one day I will become a national team’s coach. Now I am involved in the FIFA plan, I will stick to it In the end, this also makes me feel more useful. “

Wenger this year’s World Cup has been changed for two years, as well as the national team contest reform, has been opposed by European Po, South America, and many football stakeholders. This Wenger said: “I can understand these concerns, the national team age reform and the World Cup are just a part of the plan. I want to let the national team and club games are sturdy, kick less pre-selection, I want Let the schedule of the game easier, more in line with the development of modern football. And in the future, this will only happen after 2024. This is my plan and plan, I accept everyone to make a view, and finally do decisions Not me, the final decision will be made by the 211 member countries of FIFA. “

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