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A a ten years, eating is the dividend of the Sports Brigade, and it is not to embark on the privilege of professionalism, but people still miss it. Some people say it is a wind and snow, and some people say it is an old city of the city.

At the end of the 1980s, the Chinese society experienced fierce turmoil in the early 1990s. Society is progressing, ideology struggle is not falling, many people need more eager to entertain and carriers to release their enthusiasm for their loneliness. Especially the vast Chinese literati, while sadding their own destiny, tie the pole and football together.

When Landel Collins wrote “a sign of an era, the Red Shankou meeting has not yet set off the wave of Chinese football reform, those who have experienced” May 19 “and” black three minutes. “People, give” professionalization “too much expectation.

When people think that the Bayi Ganggong Brigade will become the sacrifices of the old age, after nearly 30 years, the person who smashed the altar is found to be returned, and the fullness is the unpaid.

朦胧 一 一

On April 17, 1994, the opening of the first professional league named “Wanbao Road” was held in Chengdu, Lu Jun said, Gong Jianping as a patrol. About 150,000 people watched the first round of competition, including Chengdu and Yanji’s audience more than 40,000.

Shenyang, Shanghai and other teams took the lead in enabling Russian foreign aid, Guangdong Hongyuan introduced the British player to make the taper change in the game, the upper rate rose from two to 70%.

In January, the seventeen players of Guangzhou Sun God jointly named the book, requiring to withdraw the head of the head of Zhou Si’an, so that the Guangzhou team army in Kunming in February is unharitable. In the event, the incident continued to stay in Zhou Su’an, and the player did not pursue responsibility and ended.

Kunming Haibei in March, physical fitness test is carried out as scheduled. On the eve of the test, Dong Liqiang, Li Yong, Sun Wei, Ma Lin, Zhu Bo, etc. On the first day of the test, there was a active feet in front of Qi Yu, Cai Wei, Feng Zhigang, and Li Hongbing.

The scenery of the Liaoning Football Team, the “Crown King”, the reputation of the Chinese football, no longer, Dalian Wanda, who was coached by Zhang Honggen, took the first champion trophy of the Chinese Professional League, and Hu Zhijun ran in the king. Xu Genbao held a “grabbing” flag in Shanghai, and Jiang Feng’s foot, Wu Chengyu, was heavily punished by China Football Association, Shenyang Six Pharmaceutical and Jiangsu Maite became two teams that were fell in the year.

In December, the Football Association of Football Association in Chengdu issued a transfer system. According to the provisions, the price of the active country is from 30 to 500,000 yuan, but the price of the club is privately traded, but it exceeds one million yuan.

Irritation · 1995

Ten years, it seems that it seems to be only this year. Xu Genbao, Chi Shangbin, Jin Zhiyang, Chen Yichen four major teenagers cooking the hero to create the most lively and clearest year.

In March, the 18th National Football Association belonging to six and seven countries, requiring the Football Association to exempt from their respective physical fitness tests. In the end, the reporter who drafted the drafting of these players was left to leave the sea twenty-four hours, and the above was rejected.

Former Liaoning and Sichuan player Li Bing, Ma Mingyu successfully transferred to Guangdong Hongyuan with more than 40,000 prices, this is a sensation of the “military and horse transfer”, Ma Lin, Sun Weihe Xu Wei free transfer to Dalian, Dawang Tao Transfer from Dalian to eight one eventually or a paste account.

During the league break, the big team came to China. Arsenal, Samphar, AC Milan, Flamenco, and Penaore have visited China, and all teams have encountered the martial arts of Beijing Guoan, which is led by Jin Zhiyang, Guoan is known from all walks of life as “external heroes”, history “Unbeaten”.

The Chinese Football Association Cup was re-held this year. Shandong Jinan Taishan defeated Shanghai Shenhua won the champion. On Octoba, Sichuan Quanxing and Yanbian Modern competition, Yanbian team presented the referee “law enforcement is not public” negative competition, and there is a rare scene that is uncomfortable.

The Golden Ball Municipal Advanced Center is facing the Chuanjun’s crisis. The summary of the former football newspaper, Yan Junjun proposed “defending Chengdu” in the media. On November 12th, the Liaoning team had a round of group in advance.

Xu Genbao led Shanghai Shenhua replaced Dalian to win the championship, Fan Zhiyi won the golden boots award with fifteen goals. At the end of the year, the first “super tyrant cup” was held, and Shanghai Shenhua defeated Shandong Jinan Taishan.

Plain, one ninety-six

This year, in addition to Guangdong Hongyuan and Guangzhou Sun God continue to fight the top league, Guangzhou Matsuka and Shenzhen Ping An also join this ranks, and the professional league opened the era of South China.

Tianjin team’s foot Korean Jinming is unable to travel by the transfer of the transfer, and Guangdong Hongyuan promises to add an annual salary of Han Jinming. However, Tianjin is trying to retain, and the Guangdong Tour of Guangdong is finally abortion. Han Jin Ming and the time owner of the main coaches, and were fired by the domestic media.

Dalian Wanda Li’s pressure Shanghai Shenhua won the league champion in advance, the Shandong team’s Dongmao won the best shooter of the league with ten into the game, Guangzhou Song Japan and Shenzhen Ping An did due to insufficient experience, the Wuhan Public Security Bureau took the lead Guardua and Qingdao Sea Niuzhi replace them into the top league.

Wenhe · 1997

On March 23, the former health island and Tianjin standing the level, but because the Tianjin team’s late Rongliang has no competition license, the league committee ruled that the result of the game is the three-poke Tianjin.

On July 20th, the three foreign aid of Beijing Guo’an Team Andrew, Casiano, Okabers first debuted, helping the Guoan team hit Shanghai Shenhua at home, created the most in China’s top league The scalar record, the majority of public opinion in the country.

It is also in 1997. On 31, on October 31, the Chinese team took the Town Dalian Jinzhou to fight the Qatar team, and the Chinese team lost the competition with two to three.

There are only more than 600,000 netizens in the Internet, one “Dalian Jinzhou does not believe in tears” within forty-eight hours after the release, the amount of hits reached tens of thousands, after reprinting by “Southern Weekend”, more than 60 Reprinted application sent by a letter.

In the age of the Internet magic, this “China Football First Blog” depicts and carries a dream of a generation of fans.

Hot · 1988

Xie Feng was transferred to the Beijing Guoan transfer to Shenzhen, Liaoning team, Li Dongbo, Song Lihui, Zhuang Yi transferred to Beijing Guoan, Shandong Luneng, Qingdao Sea Cow, the old man’s feet Xixin went to Shenyang Sanyuanong, Ou Chuoliang and Peng Weiguo settled on the beach and avant-garde Haigao.

After Xu Genbao resigned, after the Matsion Lord coach, he began to coach Dalian Wanda. Zhou Si’an went to Hong Tower, Beijing Guoan still did not move for foreign coaches, got Jin Zhiyang, came to Shen Xiangfu, but still rely on “three foreign guns” to fight the world. Li Zhangqi killed the mountain city and became the hero of this city. Chi Shangbin stepped into the madness and lost his way.

Former Henan Jianye Industry David Dafang has no blocked, “Gifts” Lu Jun suggested that “Yangcheng Sports” claims one million. At the end of the year, Wang Hongli, Chen Yichen was “revoked the business license” because of the suspected “negative competition”.

In August, Li Jinyu transferred to Nanxi, France, Yang Chen lended Germany Frankfurt. Fan Zhiyi and Sun Jihai transfer the British Crystal Palace. This is the stadium of Chinese players in the ancient Guangming, Jia Xiuquan, Liu Haiguang and others, once again entered the game of football developed countries.

On August 22, Jia Xiuquan publicly pointed out that the team’s individual players were not normal. Some people in the club have an attempt to collect the team players, and there is a tape as a certificate, and the history is called “tap incident”.

On September 27, the Football Association Cup semi-finals, Dalian’s second round competition in Liaoning. Due to the dissatisfaction with the three points of the main referee, Yu Yuancong, Wang Jianlin, Chairman Wang Jianlin, anger, and claims that “Wanda will always withdraw from China.”

Depressed · 1999

I have experienced the national team in 1997 and the exposure of the league in the dark, and the Chinese football Qingdao Conference made the most important work policy in this year: stable.

Dalian Wanda Xionghai, Shanghai Shenhua Ingense Pujiang, a Qinyi Yiling enlays five years in the top of the game. Wanda, Shenhua two Dynasties were exhausted in this season, and the “double crown” of Shandong Luneng was achieved in an anxiety.

Luneng Taishan under Santra is undoubtedly the biggest discovery of Chinese football in this dull and riots season. Although this team is considered “brother” gathering in more times.

Although Tavares is constantly, it is the first to take the top three in Sichuan, and the ability is obvious. Li Ziyu’s iron wrist will let Chongqing become a team of people who are afraid, and the “Liao Xiaohu” is “Liao Xiaohu”, which is “Kaisuus Lawn”, which consists of Li Jinyu, Qu Shengqing and Zhang Yining. Talkthrough color change.

Sun Jihai Crystal Palace is more stable than Fan Zhiyi,Lionel messi Jersey but the death of Wanda 12th gold medal is recovered by the emergency disease, Li Jinyu’s Nancy’s trip does not work, the rod peak is kicked, and there is no implementation in Germany. .

On Friday, Shenyang Sea Lion, Shenyang Sea Lion, Chongqing, Changxin, and successful. The fans and media suspected of being a fake ball (after being confirmed), the Chinese Football Association conducted a punishment, history called “Yu Shenzhi”.

Confusion · Two zero zero

In April, “Yu Wang” is as director of the Football Management Center. The “shock therapy” launched “not falling only, no rose, but also reducing and falling”, and implements new politics such as tissue, pouring the draw, incompetent foreign gates, second transfer, and trying to establish a new Manchester United Jersey professional league system. Its style from the initial democracy as later dictatorship.

In March, Shenzhen Ping’an Team, the head coach Tavaris found that six players were not at home, and the individual team members did even have a girl, and the history called “Ping An Six Junzi”. On April 27, Zhang Yunning, Liaoning Team, car accident, causing team friendship, Heng Heng, two people.

In August, Ma Mingyu was officially signed with the Italian Grader Team Perugia to become the first Chinese player who landed Series.

On November 14, Chongqing Longxin Likhu Beijing Guoan won the first Football Cup champion for the western team. Mbappé Jersey At the same time, Sichuan Quanxing’s competitive strength continues to improve, Shaanxi national strength promotes smoothly, and the western football begins to rise.

Jilin Downtown has been fixed, and the Yanbian Government agreed to sell the team to Zhejiang Greentown, with a long football tradition, “long white tiger”, this is silent. A B is in the competition of Wuhan Red Peach and Shaanxi, a serious fan riots have occurred, and Shaanxi national strength has been reimbursed and forced to move the home away from Xi’an.

In the Chinese professional league coach group, there are more than ten people in Yugoslavia. After the “Hancha”, they scrape “Nanfeng” and “Nanxun” is spectacular.

低 靡 · 2001

This year is the most difficult season since the eight years of professionalization. It was Liverpool Jersey hit by the top ten race and football lottery. The ball market declined, the player’s income decreased, and the club was enthusiastic.

Since the Chinese Football Association decided to cancel the next season, the attraction of the league was greatly reduced, after the short-term brilliant league, the national ball market quickly went to the low tide, and the eighteenth round of the league was less than 10,000. After the person, the twenty-fourth round of the league created a new low of 7,400 people per game.

In the late January, the Football Association released the country’s footsteps, “Any player who passed the national team must stay in the domestic league.” Under the restriction of the ocean ban, Sun Jihai, Zhang Enhua and other countries have to terminate negotiations with foreign clubs.

On May 30th, four players such as Jinlei, Prince, Han Long, and Maurul were out of mine in late night, and conflicts with Shenyang a barbecue booth.

In late May, Brilliance Group took out the football, Shenyang sea lion was unagangled for Shenyang Jinde. On July 14, Shaanxi Guili’s Brazilian Foreign Aid Makos’ wife Ilianna was stabbed in the hotel. In mid-November, Shanghai Shenhua was replaced by Shanghai Wencong.

The last two rounds of A B, Chengdu Five Bulls against Sichuan Mianyang, Jiangsu Haotian against Chengdu Wu Niu, Zhejiang Green City against Changchun Yatai’s three games, these five teams suspected of challenge, including five cattle eleven than Erqian Mianyang The most typical, the historical name “A B five rat”.

On December 13, the Geely Group announced that the Football Association was sent to the court. The old total Li Shufu has also joined the amazing language, “corruption”, “Top Ten” may also spend money to buy “and wait for the heavy cannon bullets.

Anxiety · 2002

In order to gamble the World Cup, the Football Association decided to suspend the implementation of the upgrade. Or for the World Cup, the Football Association relies on the three hundred months of the three-months of the three-month lines, and it is prohibited or allowed to play the ball in the country.

This year, the keywords in Chinese football are “Derby”. Shanghai Shenhua and Shanghai are “Debi”, Liaoning Wave Guide and Beijing Guoan are “Derby”, Chongqing Lifan and Sichuan Dahe are “Derby”, Shandong Luneng and Qingdao Hadmen are also “Derby”, “Derby” is everywhere, China Football is not in the “Derby”.

On March 24, Shaanxi Top ahead of the Qingdao Competition at the time, Qingdao team used a penalty to equalize the score, some of the Xi’an fans who lost my sense of Xi’an ignited the car outside the game. This incident gave the total economic loss caused by Shaanxi team thirty million.

Due to the turmoil in Sichuan football, the President Xu Ming fire in Sichuan, the acquisition of the “Da River”, plus the Dalidelon owned in his hand, and the relationship between Shenyang Jinde and Shide Group will not be embarrassing, people It is called “Stri”.

At the end of the year, Pepsi announced that the contract with the International Management Group will be terminated next year and no longer serve as the main sponsor of the league. The direct cause of exiting is that they are extremely dissatisfied with the Chinese Football Association a series of non-rules.

The old Li Bing of the Sichuan Dahe proves the new flowers of the old tree, in the tears of the flying, Li Bing chose to say goodbye. Shandong Luneng’s Dongmao used himself to hold a conference form and declared the career of the professional player.

After the World Cup, Li Tie, Li Weifeng, who planned to plan, Li Weifeng, Join Everton, Dalian Shi Dali sent Sun Jihai to Manchester City, but Li Weifeng almost didn’t play at Everton.

Vichang · 2003

The completion of spring and summer, the sudden “SARS” ravaged, the second phase of the start of May 7th was postponed indefinitely, and it was resumed in early July.

The second phase of the league entered, the upper part of the Bayi team suddenly made a decision, and the Bayi Xiangtan in the subsequent competition, the soldiers defeated, and finally downgraded.

In October, a “Liao Found Car Accident”, which was dragged again, finally opened in Shenyang, the plaintiff Quercans, Zhang Yunning, due to traffic accidents, and proposing the defendant to bear the civil compensation of 5 million yuan, and the defendant believes The amount of compensation is too high.

Former Sichuan Dahe players Li Bing, Wei Qun, etc., to the club, the prize, the fake, the disputes of the two sides were submitted to the Chinese Football Association for ruling, because the Football Association was unable to find legal basis, anger They will tell the club to FIFA.

At the beginning of the season, I went to the Liaoning team of Beijing, and did not find a feeling of home in a foreign land. There are very few people who have been in the cool look at the Olympic Sports Center, and they can only choose return, and eventually choose the home of Fushun, ending the era of drifting.

Chongqing Lifan has been passive throughout the season, and finally, they only have to defeat, and they can squeeze out the Tianjin advancement. They fully utilize the “rules” in the football game to Qingdao, but still did not escape the fate of the downgrade, and the history called “Ball into the middle”.

On November 30, the Ten Years A A League came to the end. Why is the last round of the league, the face of Shanghai Men Zhu Guanghu is so spicy, all kinds of spicy hands under Shenhua, the important thing is that Shenhua has once in the champion trophy in the championship, no one will remember the Shenhua. The seven games were lost in the season, and they were scored 33 goals.

Ten years

On the face of the vicissitudes of the times, I engraved with a grievances, and I barely squeeze my old bearing yellow in the chaotic dust.

“No. 3 Shuo”, “Wars of Shen Shen”, “Gong Jianping case”, these historical sea hooks in Shenzhong’s Shenzheng float, still touch people to question and ask for ten years of professional league.

Chen Yuming’s “Everything is in the middle of the words”, “Chinese football did not play”, Song Weiping, “I will turn over the table, see what is hidden under the table”, these words Highlights the dirty dirty in ten years.

“Fallen”, “Black Whistle”, “Gambling”, “The Age”, the four major toxicoma has never been separated from Chinese football, “signing fee”, “killing”, “arrears of player salary”, “foreign aid transfer will be buckled”, “Stadium” Violence “,” gambling “,” player’s nightlife “, etc. also makes the Ten Years League are always in the” sub-health “state.

How many people bombard Chinese football, how many people withdraw from the Chinese football, how many people do not mention the words “football”, how many people are aszeted cold in the border of football.

Ten years of wind and rain, bid farewell to the rivers and lakes, and people think that Chinese football will breathe a fresh air in the beginning of the Super League, but later people know that the tour will continue to have a honesty in the intersection.

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