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  Romania vs Iceland

  Romania currently ranked 41st in the world, in the upper round team, in the main court, in the main stage, Romania met Kits Football KitsArmenia, with the goal of Mitri Tower, the team 1: 0 defeated the opponent, currently 4 wins in the J group, 1 flat 3 negative, accumulated 13 points group Rank 2, the first German team has appeared in advance, other teams in this group can only compete for the second additional qualification, although the Romanian group ranks 2nd, but the team is only 1 point, In the case of two games left, the team’s integral situation is not very optimistic. The output of Romania offensive is stable, and the defensive end is still available, and there are many games to be able to zero opponents. In addition, Romania has strong combat capabilities, and the group is only one of Germany.


  Iceland currently ranked 62nd place, the team in the team in the team, in the main stage, Liechtenstein, the last half of the two balls were finally 4: 0 victorious opponents. At present, 2 wins and 2 wins and 4 losses in the group, the 8 points group ranked 5th, the team is 5 points from the second, and the qualifications of the competition will only have theoretical possibilities, the situation is very unfavorable, the team There is no ability to win the battle, but when face to the weak brigade, the offensive end output is still, the defensive performance is still stable, but the team’s guest war is only 1 win on the weak brigade, and there is no country challenge. Strength team’s ability.

  The first round of the two teams, Romania away from 2: 0, defeating Iceland, and the advantage is still more obvious. Data also gives the main team Romania to support. The World Championships, Romania is sitting in the main court in the main court. The team also needs to stabilize its own group’s second position, and the battle is still very strong, and Iceland is hoped, and the Romania is still expected to add again.


  Greece VS Spain

  The Greek team is currently ranking 47th, the team challenges the Swedish team in the team in the team, and the offensive efficiency is not good. It was finally defeated by the opponent 2: 0. Pan Keis was fined by the red card, lost and lost people. At the same time, I also ended the 15 unbeaten contributions in various teams. At present, 2 wins and 3 flat 1sts of the group are ranked 3rd, and the team also has 4 points from the second Spain. If the remaining two rounds, it is impossible to overtake the opponent. The team offensive end performance is stable, defensive is flat, it is worth mentioning that the Greek team is still a good at the home battle, and the homeland has been unbeaten from 19 years.


  Spain’s current world ranked 7th, team in the team, the team is challenge Kosovo, the team is still an absolute advantage, and the opponent is defeated. At present, 4 wins and 1 flat 1 loss in the group. Bas, the team has received the qualifications of the European Union, but it is a traditional Jin Mar’s Spain. I believe it is still more expensive to compete for the first direct advancement of the group, and the battle is still very good. Spain offensive end performance is still very active, and the defense end is also relatively stable, and there is also a strong grab ability.

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  The first round of the two teams in Spain is in front of the opponent 1: 1, and the data is still supported by Spain. The game preliminaries, Greece sitting at home to meet strong opponents Spain, the team’s main battle shows excellent performance, but the situation is more embarrassing, and Spain is currently 2 points from Sweden from the top of Sweden. The remaining two games can be successfully climbed. To the group first, the war is stronger, this service believes that Spain will not make mistakes in the same opponent, the team is still able to defeat the opponent three points.

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