The world’s football is crazy, defense and goals are all

Should the goalkeeper be better? This should be theoretically like this. However, some doors will be in addition to their own guards, they are still in the door, play a high-risk gymnastics action, and they are not here for them. Soccer movement has changed in nearly 30 years.

In the past, we often see that the door will have a high-ramp or juggling action in the game, or the free kick and a penalty, and even the ball has a ball, which makes the fans look very exciting and crazy. So this time I talk to everyone “crazy” gates.


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Some people call him “mad”, and some people call him “magician”. He has a football talent, not only there is wonderful saver on the court. It is also quite taken with the ball and playing, but the most famous or 95 years. In the England Friendship Competition, in the face of Radek Napu a record of 25 meters, he thought he would use both hands to catch the ball, he actually withdraws two steps to the body to use a “scorpion tail” action. , Hit the ball with a feet.

His career is also very twists and turns, and he has joined the Columbia National Team to enter 3 goals, and even Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey sometimes the team initiated attacks from him. In 1986, he was first selected to go to the national team, and then he also participated in the 1990 World Cup, and killed a 16th, but his “performance” was successful in the 16th game of Cameroon. He was shocked by his opponent, and then he was blamed, and he became a sinner from Colombia.

In the next few years, he was involved in a kidnapping case of the drug trafficking group. He regretted the 94-year World Cup in prison. In 2004, he was in the Ecuador League. Football match. After that, he decided, but he announced the return to the stadium and joined the Columbia League, until 2010 was held in 2010 and truly ended his career.


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One mentioned him, the fans think more should be his left foot free kick, he became famous in the Argentina league, and the peak appeared in the Sasfield team. As a door, his career has scored 67 goals, and all are all free kick.

As a national fan, when the Paraguay National Team was in the World Cup in 1998 and 2002, in addition to Gunbus, the most concerned is Chiravit, paying attention to him because he wants to see him to punish the ball.

Compared with Iquida, he Manchester United Jersey played relatively stable on the field. It is also favored by the European giants, Liverpool and Manchester United have been opened for him, but they can never talk. Although in Europe, he has also gained a lot of honors, 95/97/98 was rated as the world’s best door, 96th Argentine Football Mr. South American Football, in 1998, also selected the best lineup of the World Cup And one of the best three athletes in South America in the 20th century.


A small child, excellent bounce, flexible body, like to wear colorful jerseys, so people call “flower butterfly” cu Pos. Only 1 meter 68, he started to play forward for the team. Although the gate will be, although he is tall, it has the Chelsea Jersey advantage except for mobile speed, and the ball is very stable.

Although it is the door, his career has also been scored 34 goals, and he also participated in the World Cup in 1994 and 98, and several times before and after. He was also invited by the European Horne Club as the Manda Club, but he called himself to play a happy place. He retired in 2000. It is also known as the assistant of Mexican national team in 2000. coach.

In addition to these three legendary gates, there are still some gates that will be impressed in the past 20 years. They also have a penalty, will be penalized, and some will treat himself as a guard (the door will + defender), Their activity and control range can also make up for the air between the door and the defenders to a certain extent.


I want to pay attention to him, but I will not only go to the door, but also focus on penalty, and I have also played forward before, and there is a legal method.

In the past four years of Hamburg, he fined 19 points in the past four years. He added 7 balls that Leverkusen team fined 5 balls before Oldenburg, career more than 30 Into the ball.


He may be the most inconspicuous in all the doors mentioned before, but he can also be a legendary door. He is effective for Sao Paulo for 22 years, and scored 130 goals, 63 of them. 67 points, surpass ChratiTe, become the most goal of going to the history of the goal.

In addition, his St. Paul Club also got the 2005 World Cup champion, and he also won the Golden Award of this Cup. Not long ago, Cheney was almost effective for the main career of the Sao Paulo team.


This helping Bayern’s sixth championship captain, sometimes not in front of the old man in front of the door, the activity range is very large, everyone calls him “Door”. He has a good physical quality, height, speed, focus, psychological quality, etc. very good, and the response ability and interception skills when dealing with the ball are also very outstanding.

If necessary, he will also act as half a guard to make it, use its own advantages and pre-, very decisively, will solve the ball, his existence can make the ball’s defense to mention a few meters, and can even say a certain tactical value. . In addition, he also praises in sealing single-knife and rolling sphere.

Yang Zhi

Effective Guoan for nearly 15 years, and Yang Zhi who won the governor. When you first arrived, the face of white and green, so that you didn’t think of he domineering this location in the door, but then prove that such faces couldn’t cover his passion on the field. After gradually stabilizing the main goal of Guoan, he used the Dragon Team to take the lead in the rear line to let the fans have a feeling, and his screaming and even seeing the jumping feet, and also seeing his investment and focus on the game. .

I don’t know when, is it the cause of my teammates, or he looked at Nobel’s game. He also became the “unidentified person” in front of the door. Expand your own defensive range, while daring to bring the ball and pass, and even went to 12 yard lines.

He has a lot of unforgettable moments, like the point of the Tianjin team, with the ball to half a field, and the wellbore. Although the fans hope not to do so, all things have two sides, which also prove his self-confidence and passion for football.

This player does not necessarily know all fans, he is from Luneng’s Foot, 2010, which is still in the Zhongchao Nanchang Bayi team, in this season, the second round and 4th round, the game of Shanghai Shenhua and Hangzhou Green City At the time, he scored 3 points and became the door of the Zhongchao’s first goal.