The chairman of the Real Madrid, suspected that the water military batch of European FedLoom and the Si Liga were great.:Indian news

According to the Spanish secret network, in the European Super League announced its establishment, after the end of the failed to attack, the Chairman of Real Madrid suspected that the water army maintained the European super, and attacked the President of the European President Cut Forest and the President of La Lima.Cheap Soccer Jersey gas.

Previously, the recording of the Chairman of Real Madrid was exposed and triggered. Now, the same company has exposed how Florentino hires the rival to attack his opponent, which is the inside of the President of the European President, Chefen and La Limas.

According to this report, it was basically dissolved in less than 72 hours, and there was a topic of more than 7,000 accounts issued by more than 7,000 accounts in a topic, and it was Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey supported by Florentino. And these accounts are new. At the same time, there are several accounts that have been released in just a few seconds, which is obviously impossible for human beings.

More than 272,000 pushes issued by more than 272,000 accounts throughout the process, the tendency is consistent, that is, support Real Madrid, Floroni, slamming the European Po.

This can’t help but make people doubt the authenticity of these twins, this Soccer Jersey Discountexposure allows Real Madrid President once again pushed the tips.