Expert: The national football is completely dissolved, football is a tool of capitalist countries to fight our confident

In order to prepare for the 12th, let the players maintain a good competitive state, in a warm-up match ended yesterday, the national football 2-1 defeated the Zhejiang team. In another earlier competition, the national football team with the goal of Luo Guofu, Zhang Yunning and Alan, 3-0 overcomes.

In the name, the two games with the Zhejiang team are warm-up, but it is called “high-strength” may be more appropriate, because the rhythm of the domestic league is against the Intercontinental League Competition, the difference is too much. Whether it is deep or the Zhejiang team, the competition is forced, especially the high pressure of the middle court, far less than the strength of the top 12, even if it is recognized as the weakest Vietnamese team, in the game, also gives the national football in the future The pressure is also quite large, making the country’s football team a lot of mistakes.

At the Football Association, on August 22, 2019, Chen Yongyuan, the chairman of the Football Association, proposed that the goal of the next four years is – male football team among the Asian forefront, women’s footholds return to the world’s first-class strong team, and the professional league organization and competition level reach the first class of Asia. The Super League stabilized in the Asian League ranking in the top three levels. It is now that such a goal is a joke. The female foot is in the Olympics. The Super League has been smashed. As for the national football, although Soccer Jersey Discount I have entered the 12th game, I just win only 1 win in four games. 3 Negative achievements, with their current strength and status, is eliminated just time problems.

For the national football, I’m talking about the Qatar World Cup. Domestic sports scholars said when they were interviewed that the Chinese men’s football team can dissolve, and the meaning of their existence is not big; they must know that modern football is just the tool of capitalist countries to fight our confident. It should not cost too much energy and money in this thing.

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In fact, I don’t know where the expert comes from, I don’t know how to mix the title of the expert. It is also the existence of these people, it hinders the rise of Chinese football and sports; football is undoubtedly the world One exercise, or our old ancestors, now I don’t have a football, prove that we have problems in this movement development route, and many things are not doing well; should “check the deficiencies” to come back, so The practice of masking the bell will only make others more look at our football level.

However, China’s investment in the football field is not necessarily in the football Cheap Soccer Jersey field, not only hire Skolari, Lubi, Capelo, Ericson, Higtut, and other world-class foreign coaches to pass us for our treasure. Also induced by foreign players such as Fisan, Luo Guofu, Alan, Jiang Guangtai and Aixson; in order to kick this 12th game, the Chinese Football Association even stopped this season’s Super League, let the national team get more Many training times; charter, five-star hotel, world famous chef, medical staff 24 hours a day, just the routine standard of national football, and high winning awards. However, the Chinese men’s feet enjoys world-class treatment, but kicked out the three-flow level of Asia, and became the “Magnifier” of the opponent. This money is really embarrassed.

What is more angry is that the main coach Li Tie has bluntted, “We are playing outside like a child who is not home.” There is such a good condition, it is not enough to kick the ball, but still don’t think about it. Do you don’t feel sweat? Therefore, the national football is also a good thing.

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