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Changed the name, changed the sales mechanism, as if born for the new era, is a symbol of a classic IP “dead” in the fans.

It is said that there are more than a quarter-century historic football game series – “live football”.

On July 21st, Japanese game developers Co Lemei announced that the “Pro Evolution Soccer” series of the ace football game will be renamed “Efootball”, and cancel the plan to sell new works every year, and change the game body for free on the big platform, game content Regularly updated.

“Pro Evolution Soccer” literal translation is the meaning of “professional evolutionary football”. And in Japan, the same series of names is called “Winning Eleven” (Victory Eleven). But no matter which English title, Chinese players call the series “live football.”

In 2019, “live football” big flat banner drums and promotes the promotion route, plus the words “EFOOTBALL” (electronic football) in front of the title. However, when the game name is left only, it seems that “live football” stopped “evolution”, which also became a thorough “loser” in the traditional football game market.

Brazil super football superstar

Effect the FIFA series, the golden event is coming soon

In the football game market, the big IP of the active route is only two – “FIFA” series and the “live football” series of Corocco products.

American Electric Cai is rough, “FIFA” also has more copyrights. Among them, the World Cup, Yingchao, La Lara is a long-term exclusive partner of “FIFA”. Copyright is the biggest weakness of “live football”, many European Well-known clubs can only be fake names, and the fake clothes appear in the game, which makes the generation of the game greatly reduced.

But “live football” is really true from the birth of the birth, and the details are rich, so they have a large number of death. Even if the copyright is insufficient, there is also a warfare fan to make a game patch, add the real team information to the game database.

Unexpectedly, fans did not give up “live football”, but Coreme seems to have given up “live football”.

After getting free games, “live football” will completely puminate, form the route of the virtual team online. In fact, this is indeed the strongest profit model of football games. Whether it is “FIFA”, the “ultimate team”, or “my club” of “live football”, all of which are swatched by drawing the player to open the wallet. In contrast, there is no interrupt space based on a single-machine entertainment, such as a league, cup, career, etc.

But the league, the cup is the origin of the integrity football game. Players love the real team and the star, and I hope to operate these teams and stars in the virtual world, winning the major tournaments in reality. The career mode of “live football” is called “Master League”, although “My Club” has stronger than the enhancement capacity, but there are still many fans to start the game in the “Master League”.

The free version of “live football” is likely to never pay attention to these lines of offline mode.

After the game replacement engine, the image quality decline

According to the free version of the free version of Corre, the game will be fully online in Steam, PS5, PS4, XSX / S, Xbox One, Win 10, iOS, Android. When you get started in the autumn, the game will have the online friendly match of 9 collaborative clubs, as well as PS, Xbox’s functionality of new old host platforms; then launched unnamed lines, pumping team modes, and Steam, PS, Xbox cross-platform battle function; winter will launch mobile version, mobile version can also fight with the host version and PC version of the platform.

A large stack of functions, completely surrounding the line. This is enough “electrical recharge”, but the players who likeline mode are very unhappy.

In addition, all platform battle features means that the game will be developed based on the lowest performance platform. Although the picture of the mobile game platform is still different from the screen of the host platform, the host platform – especially the new generation of host PS5 and XSX / S, the picture of the new generation of hosts launched last year, will definitely touch the ceiling that the function can support.

Game engine upgrade

In 2020, “live football” did not continue to launch new practices for a new year, but in the “live 2020”, a large upgrade package is launched, and “live 2021”. At that time, the reason for the reason for Corre is the replacement engine, thinking that the new host platform launches more shocking, more realistic upgrades. Now, the player hurts the development concept of the mobile game version, making the game quality without falling.

During the European Cup, “live football” launched a new replacement “Unreal” engine and the game public beta. At that time, the player took a year to wait for a year. Some finished products are launched. As a result, the free version is announced, and the player discovers the public beta may be the result of the final product.

Waiting for a long wait to fall, players slowly lamented: “live football” is dead.

Coles, concentrated fire, engage in football

But is it “dead”, or “desperate death and then live”?

Perhaps the “free” is a rational decision against Cologne. The traditional football game Soccer Jersey Discount is released every year, in fact, there are many fans who criticized. Nothing to update some data, jerseys, lists, etc., the game’s experience has no quality changes, but the player pays $ 60 every year.

“Free Football” is equivalent to cutting a lot of increasing costs, but the price is not necessarily high. In recent years, the sales of “live football” is around three or four million, but the death of the players in the offline mode may be less proportional. If the game is free, we will save the cost of the improvement line mode, Football Shirts Wholesale will use human material to experience on the optimization line. When the player increases, the sales of cards is increased, and the effectiveness of “live football” is uniformly leap.

Anyway, “live football” is recognized by this series from the concept of “Efootball” concept. There is no financial power like “FIFA”, which works, etc.

Online mode can avoid copyright disadvantages to a certain extent. As long as you have a player copyright, “live football” can make a player card for players. Players will be a fictional team with different players. Therefore, even if there is no major in Premier League, La Liga, the German club copyright, online mode can still run.

Cologne’s Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey football game is still full of variables

Yangshi Skylightening, curve saving countries, “live football” free chemicals may not be destined to bury this series. It’s just that the player can still speculate on the next step of the developer, and I can’t figure out how the developer is in the business model of this game.

The free version of the road map reflects some minor mystery. The initial line friendship is only including the 9 of Barcelona, ??Juventus, Bayern, Manchester United, Arsenal, but actually “live football” has more copyrights of the club, such as Rome, Lazio, etc. The road map does not explain how other clubs will be reflected in the game. If other clubs need to pay unlock, this seems to be a bit more. Does the players Mbappé Jersey payable, these “live football” Hua Jin’s silver bought copyright has no chance Yet?

The road map has not mentioned the league, cup, career equivalent line model, but fans are guess, these modes may also pay unlocks. In other words, “live football” seems to abandon the classic payment game mode, but for players who likeline mode, it is still possible to earn money from them. In this way, for the online player, “live football” is free, and it is not different.

route map

Use the free 噱噱 to launch the inquiry income with a paid offline mode, in fact, “live football” can still have many tries.

Just try to try, the quality of the game is the key to tab. As a developer, Coremei gives the player’s confidence is not sufficient. Its ace spy battle game series “alloy equipment”, gradually gradually became a gold fine product from the classic 3A. A series of large-winged buildings that are deeply loved by the player are also forced to leave Cormei.

For the future of “live football”, players are equally worrying. If it is really in the new game host, it will launch the effect of shrinking cross-platform works, “live football” will become a gold machine with no soul.

This is the real “live dead”.

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