C Luo Po? Fame: Manchester United is more stronger to come back to four teams

This summer, C Luo leaves Juventus, and it will return to Manchester United at 12 years. Since this season, C Luo is very eye-catching in Manchester United, and there are 12 games in 12 games. Unfortunately, Manchester United’s achievements are not good, especially in the Premier League, it can be impeached. With the main family 0-2, after Manta last night, the Red Devil 11 league only achieved 5 wins and 2 flat 4 losses, backward In the list, Shouzheda is 9 points, and the championship has not played in advance, and it is Lionel messi Jersey precarious in the fourth situation. At the same time, Manchester United’s third round is out of the league Cup. The Champions League is also very general, and even more than 1 to Bern’s poor game.

Obviously, C Roja League has not allowed Manchester United to have substantial improvement, but it is very much in this season. For example, Double Red Club, Manchester United owned 0-5 miserable to Liverpool, last night, at home The city is killed in the city of Man City 2-0. These two Derby Wars, Manchester United can be described by losing, and C Luo is also in the two games. It is also in an urgentity. First, it will play the three feet of Liverpool New Star Jones, and then it is almost shoveled in the core Debrah of Manchester City. Therefore, after the Double Red Will and Man Shi Bi, C Luo was “lost” by the outside world. C Mbappé Jersey Luo bores the bad behavior, but also makes a lot of accomplishes, and Paul Merrson pointed out that Manchester United strength declined due to Portuguese.

After reading the Manda’s home 0-2, after Kits Football Kits Manchester City, the famous Paul Messen comment on this red magic, and the yin and yang strange ridicule C Luo, “I think, there is no C Roshan, is a more powerful team. And even chance to fight, it is the top four powerful competitors. After he came, Manchester United became a four-team team. “

Data statistics seem to have proven this, last season of Ying Ying 11 rounds, Leader, one of Manchester United achieved 6 wins and 1 flat 3 losses, accumulating 19 points, and Mado, one of the games this season 17 points; at that time, Manchester United Noblin only ranked 5 points behind the first hot thorn, and now the lack of Shouchese Manchester United Jersey 9 points. It is not difficult to see from these data that Manchester United is really a middle and upstream team that falls to the four struggles. In addition, Solskia coached Manchester United’s premium Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey events in Manchester United, and won 3 wins and 1 flat failure, and now the homeland is 0-2. It can be seen that after C Ronalded Old Telford this summer, Manchester United did decline.