Alchemy addiction: Chinese football youth training is like alchemy, lack of uniqueness, make men’s football hope

The Chinese football has been in the past for more than 30 years. Since the reform and opening up, China Sports has ushered in high-speed development, but the development history of men and foots has not been able to keep up with the development speed of sports. In the country, the agency is so perfect, and the professional Chinese football is so high, why can’t bring a look and hope to the Chinese.

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First: Is the player can’t? There are several rounds of men’s faces.

The national team’s player is not ridicpeled, which is undoubtedly the most reasons for these so-called football from the industry. I would like to ask, the player can’t do it, why not do it after a batch. For forty years of light, football players have been exchanged in accordance with a decade, and they have also changed four sessions.

What are you doing in the path of the four sessions? Those so-called professional football practitioners, are you in this profession, is it shameful?

Say, it is not a player, it is the determination to break the routine and go to change and reform. Using the law, it is lazy.

Second: Qing training mode, can’t get rid of thousands of articles.

Personal training for Chinese football has always been a feeling of ink. In the best Luneng Foot School, the best Luneng’s foot school, the high admission fee is scared to the children of countless poor bodily.

There is a lot of children who love football, but there are very few children who are engaged in football. The state is in such a high capital development in the funds of football. In addition, more should be used in supporting the grassroots youth, and give those children who have no money system but have football dreams.

The fund market operation league itself is not wrong, more capital investment is also a good thing. But if it is used in the purpose of profit, what is used for Chinese football development.

Therefore, Qingjun can’t only have a Luneng’s foot, and you can’t only have a model of footsteps, and more funds injected in football should be used in the support of multi-style Qingjun.

Third: Help the grassroots, so that you have more opportunities.

The players of the league can be eaten, and there is a high quality life. But as a child trained in the foot school, 100 can get out of a professional player.

The rest of the children spent such a high learning fees, but they can only give up. It is not enough Chinese football population base, but these innocent children disappear in the sea and is not a waste of talents.

Personally, let the children in the foot school, can give more job-related jobs instead of giving football without growing into professional players, rather than giving up football. Cultivating a talent requires more than ten years or more time. If it is cultivated for more than ten years, it will make the occupation that is completely and football is in violation.

In the campus football, you need a coach to make these people who can’t walk in the career post. More than ten years of cultivated football concepts can fully engage in more campus football. In addition to the foot school, the practitioners given to this group of people who do not enter the stream support to open the grassroots football.

Liverpool Jersey in conclusion:

The Football Association needs to do things, and the foot tube needs to do things. I hope that in the cultivation of young players, I can open more more training modes in addition to the footsteps. It can be more useful in the rebate talent instead of the current football player. Only by allowing the grassroots football governance to increase several excellent players in numerous players.

Everyone believes that such alchemy is helpful to cultivate the future development of Chinese football? Welcome to your commentation to express Cheap Soccer Jerseyyour point of view and view!