"Yatai Youth Training" World Thinking Guide Championship Changchun City Competition Attai Children’s Son Army Feeling Brain Football Storm

On October 30th, the 13th World Thought Guide Championship Changchun City is officially started in the Yatai Convention Center, from the U11, U12, U13, U14, and U15 five echelons from Changchun Yatai Football Club to participate Two days of competition. This is the second time of Yataiqing training with the world thinking map tournament city. Through practice exploring thinking maps to promote the growth of Youth Football Players, improve the thinking ability of Yataiqing training players. All players and guests took a group photo of the epidemic prevention xx18+ 2020 newspaper and control, and the 13th World Thinking Tournament, which was originally planned in May, was released to 10 bottom. During the event of the event, the world thinking map tournament selection excellent teachers team entered the Yatai net moon base, 148 small players of U11, U12, U13, U14, and U15 five echelons were conducted for a month of thinking map courses. Training. Therefore, this world thinking map Championship Changchun City Tournament has also become a special event of Yataiqing training. The 13th World Thought Guide Championship China Organizing Committee Executive Chairman Mei Yanyan speech the 13th World Thought Guide Championship China Organizing Committee Changchun City Same Creation Character Interpretation After the Thinking Map Expanding Training Course and Party, The tall players of the Yatai quadrators have more and more ways to learn this learning tool, especially after the training and the game, experience summary in the way of thinking map. “By learning and using the way of thinking map, let us summarize the efficiency of the game, more profoundly understand the shortcomings of themselves. At the same time, it is also possible to use the way of thinking map to analyze the opponent.” Yatai U15 Massage Juncheng said. It is worth mentioning that Ma Juncheng has obtained the last World Thinking Tournament Championship Changchun City Racing Listening, and the map analysis, freely creation of three runners.
Yatai teenager conducts listening map competition
This championship Changchun City race sets three projects, map analysis and free creation. Listening to the designation map requires the player to make a thinking guide according to the recording of the on-site broadcast; the speed reading map requires the player to quickly analyze the keywords, logic content of a given material, and the logic content, etc. picture. In the competition of the listening project, Yatai Millennium is full of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. They draw a success of China’s Winter Olympics in the way “Dream Winter Olympics”.

Yatai teenager conducts listening map competition

In 2019, Changchun Yatai Football Club Qingjun introduced thinking map courses, and joining the “Espeak Harbor Education” to explore the scientific sports development model that breaking news india today combines thinking map and football. “Thinking map can improve the logical thinking ability of football players to help them plan their goals. After the training of thinking is trained, it can use the thinking map to summarize the game, which is conducive to summing up yourself, analyzing the opponent. Flexiblely used to the field, do the ball in the brain, there is a picture in the heart. “The world thinking map Championship Changchun City Collection Committee Zhang Wei said. Yatai teenager conducts listening to the game in the process of creating a hundred years, youth training is the most valuable investment in Changchun Yantai. The thinking map is an intellectual activity that develops the mind. According to routine ideas, the two don’t have a inevitable connection. However, from the perspective of cultivating a qualified aaj today football talent, Yatai Qingxun seeing thinking map This intellectual movement is helping to enhance the ability to analyze problems and solve problems in the players.
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