"I am more than the family of Jung Yongjin, the last day of Hangzhou," The last family of Jialefu, is about to check the store, causing new and old Hangzhou people to recall

Qianjiang Evening News · Hour Journalist Yang Jian

On September 28th, 2021 Shanghai “Jinshan Cup” Youth Football Invitational Tournament opened, 38th, Zhejiang Team No. 27 Cui Taixu banned the foot and feet, the ball of the ball, the upper corner of the ball, with this grain, Zhejiang Team 1: 0 defeat the country less A Team, with a bad response, “Jinshan Cup” champion.

As a traditional training, “Jinshan Cup” has entered the fifth year. In previous years, including the three arrows of Hiroshima, the internationally renowned club echelon and other internationally renowned clubs have participated in all india news today the event. Under the influence of the epidemic, the “Jinshan Cup” is one of the highest domestic adolescent football events, still has a considerable exercise value. This event attracted the traditional young training team and other traditional young training teams such as Shandong Taishan, Hubei Xinghui. Yang Chen guidance in the U16 countries also regards “Jinshan Cup” as an important exercise stage, sent a team of countries A and B.

The Zhejiang team expressed the cone in this competition. After experiencing the process of “low-speed”, the Zhejiang U16 team is more brave after the first round of the War, and the Zhejiang U16 team is getting worse. The national B team, Shandong Taishan and the national A team, lost 4 balls in 4 wins and 1 Ping 10 goals, and finally hold the cup.

It is worth mentioning that the Zhejiang U16 team has 5 team members to get goal, long-range, head, teamwork, the attack, the offensive means, while the offensive ends also have “a branch” Ning Fangze won the game “Best Shot”, Ye Daixin, was elected as “Best Player”.

In addition, there are also active figures of Zhejiang team players – In August this year, the 06 teenager of Zhejiang professional aja daily news football club Zhao Yului, Qian Yuanfan has selected the training and competition of China’s minor U16. During this event, the two were in the country B team, and there were excellent play, Zhao Yului scored 3 into the ball in 5 rounds. In the fourth round of competition, in the case of a person who was punished by the team, Zhao Yului’s long-distance rushing 60 meters to complete a wonderful goal.

After the team in 2015, this year is the sixth year of this U16 echelon, and the old face of the club, the old-faced Director, the current Youth Training, Director, Pool Valley, was once the head of this team. Pool Valley, served as the main coach of J L-Bai Sun God, last year, the West Valley Winter Tree Coach, who took the teeth, once coached the Yokohama Sailor, and the continuous guidance of the day coach brought advanced concept hindisixcom and solid basic skill.

For a long time, it is a major principle that is the Quality of Zhejiang Professional Football Club. Little results – In May, the Zhejiang U16 team went to Evergrande Foots to participate in the foot school alliance cup, successive victory of Hengda 1 team, Hengda 2 team and Wuhan three towns and other old opponents, eventually 4 wins and 1 loss Win. This “Jinshan Cup” won the second champion of the Zhejiang U16 team.

But the young men still can’t rest. U17 Qing Chao will soon usher in the second phase of the event, they will “hit”, continue to demonstrate themselves. As the coach is said to: Now they are evolving into a professional player, I hope they will grasp such a platform platform, constantly experience and improve themselves.

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