Nike releases Mercurial Superfly 8 "Mbappe Flames" football shoes

As time and season, it is time to bring a new style for Kilian Mbpe, so Nike has created a new “Mbappe Flames” football shoes for this Paris Saint-Germain strike. This is based on the new personal exclusive color colors created by Mercurial Superfly 8 football shoes and forms a new “KM Flames” series with other items.

At first glance, Mbpe’s new personal exclusive Mercurial Superfly football shoes should not explain too much. He is one of the best hot young players, so the flame is used to be more appropriate than top 5 news channel in india the Mampe’s football talent. N’t it. In news summary addition, the design of the flame is far more than this, just like Mbpe himself: “If I can add a super power to a pair of boots, it is the flame, because the flame means the speed.”

The official color of this new boots is “shallow purple / glazed purple / bright red / metal silver”, from the side of the shoe area, you can see the lavender base color and the dark red phase covering it, silver Outline the flame pattern, while the Swoosh logo is covered in black. The back and the insole belongs to the “km” personal exclusive identifier, and decorates with a flame pattern.

Once Mba Associa was recovered, he would wear this new Nike Mercurial Superfly 8 “Mbappe Flames” football shoes, so when he got a debut, we must pay special attention to the boots on his feet.

In addition to the boots, Nike dd bangla today’s schedule also launched a series of equipment including apparel, which is designed to motivate the young generation through the happiness of the football, all of which are the same flame pattern with the boots.

New Nike Mercurial Superfly 8 “Mbappe Flames” football shoes have landed in PDS.