Mourning! China’s football passes the news, and another predecessor is unfortunately

On the afternoon of November 1, the Chinese football suddenly came from a bad news. The 54-year-old family is still unfortunate. The fans have expressed condolences. It is understood that Shang Qing is suffering from lung cancer before, after a long treatment, it still can’t beat the disease, and finally tells other people in the age of 54. Shangqing is not only the feet of the top country, but also has an effective experience in the Chinese football multi-team team. He once served as Changan in Shaanxi, which has made great contributions to the development of Chinese modi schedule today football.

Shangqing was born in Shenyang in 1967. This is a very strong city with a football atmosphere. He has a strong interest in the environment from a small environment. At the age of 7, Shangqing began to accept enlightenment training. After 1 year, I was selected into Shenyang Sports School and stayed here for 5 years. After the initial training, the 14-year-old Shangqing was selected into the eight-year entrainer, and after seven years of hard work, he successfully upgraded to a team and officially stepped into the professional stadium.

Shangqing took a lot of precious memories in eight years, and leaving a lot of precious memories, it has been recognized by the national team coach. During that time, Shangqing was selected to pass the national team, the National Youth team and the national two teams. Although there is no representative Chinese men’s football team, he has today live latest news in hindi also carrying countless people as the backup force of the team. expect. In 1996, Shangqing chose to leave the Bayi team and transferred to Shaanxi Guili. With his help, the team finally succeeded in to army.

After entering the 21st century, Shangqing decided to end the career and chose the first station of his coach in Shaanxi. At that time, Shangqing did not completely retire, not only the team’s captain, but also the assistant coach of the team. In 2003, Shang Qing officially served as the Shaanxi Guili’s coach. Although the Legisa quickly disappeared from the Chinese football, he rely on personal charm, winning the players and fans. Double respect. In 2011, Shangqing served as the main coach of Daqin Team, Shaanxi, and has obtained the best coach of Niklie single wheel with excellent coaching performance.

In 2018, Shangqing and a friend coached the Water Team of Daqin, Shaanxi, contributed a lot of classic victories for fans. In addition to these teams as important jobs, Shangqing also pays special attention to the development of football youth. When I serve in the club, I have promoted the young players many times, let them get google news for you more exercise opportunities. Shangqing also served as an overlay in the Hebei Club, helping the team to discover a lot of young people, is because of this, he will have a good name in the Chinese football. After the death, I also got the mourning of people from all walks of life.