Mianyang Seven Games | Poetry is also fragrant, Jiang Jiang, open healthy new journey

Chuanzhuang Online November 3, Chengdu (Zhu Xing, Cheng Wen) Fairy Tai Chi, passionate square dance, wonderful football match, in the river oil in Shijuxi, full of vigorous and vitality, this is Mianyang The wonderful river oil brought by the seventh sports meeting of the city. On October 27, the Mianyang Seven Games, who was the theme of “passionate seven-year-old” and the theme of the river, aaj ki news aaj ki news was successfully closed at the river oil, and the 147-day grand event will load into the Mianyang history book.

Strictly control the success of the epidemic security event

As the host of Mianyang Seven Games, Jiangyou City is responsible for the work of Mianyang Seven Games, the prevention and control, the on-site security, etc. In order to ensure the safety of tens of thousands of participants, in order to ensure the safety of the event, the Jiangyou has established an epidemic prevention and control work group, according to the principle of “whole process prevention and control” and “anti-prevention and service”, Weijian, disease control Waiting for the department staff to do health monitoring, environmental murd, etc. Take a vacancies and other measures, do our best to prevent the epidemic prevention and control.

During cnn space news the preparation of Mianyang Seven Hall, for the high-quality service event, fully demonstrate the image of Jiangyou, Jiang oil invested more than 6 million yuan for 8 competition venues in the sports center, Jiang oil middle school; in the main road of the city, the central urban area launched social propaganda, creating a strong Social atmosphere; the event organizing committee tested more than 1100 people in public security, emergency management and other departments to do order maintenance, emergency protection, etc. to ensure the safety of the event.

Have a number of new refresh events

Since June 21, Mianyang Seven Games has started on June 21, from the administrative region, party and government organs and industry systems and city directly under the school, nearly 8,000 athletes participated in the old group, adult group, and youth group 3 groups, 24 projects, lathecules 147 days; at the opening ceremony, Sichuan Online, Chuanzhuang Online, live Mianyang and other media platforms broadcast to the national opening ceremony, online viewing exceeds 2 million people. Become the longest market season, the number of participants in the competition, the most influence of the opening ceremony is the most, and the large-scale coverage of the delegation has been refreshed with the Mianyang City Games to hold a new record.

Signal integration of young training results

In recent years, Jiangyou City has implemented the integration of sports education and in-depth in-depth sunshine sports projects, establishing a sunshine sports publicity platform, and conducting comprehensive supervision of sports work in the city, ensuring that it is not less than 1 hour, and the school sports will be implemented. According to the requirements of the church, hard practice, the regions, help each student must basically master one to two sports skills, and constantly promote the physical and mental health of primary and secondary school students, strengthen health, and improve sports competitive level.

It is reported that Jiangyou’s physical education sessile work has remarkable, concentrate on developing leading projects to create key advantages. Among them, Jiangyou women’s football is known for the whole river, in the province, municipal competition, many times, cultivated hundreds of football talents and admitted into undergraduate colleges. Jiang oil adheres to the construction of campus women’s football, successfully created 13 football characteristics, driving popularization in support characteristics, and vigorously creates a campus football culture atmosphere.

Fusion development is the new journey of Mianyang plus “oil”

Mianyang seven passengers successfully successfully held a large-scale sports event in Li Bai, but also built a vast stage, and led the public as a healthy and fashionable lifestyle, promoting Li Bai culture to the world. It is impressed into the river oil economy and stronger development kinetic energy.

Jiangyou is a national civilized city, China’s excellent tourist city, national leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration counties, recently got a title of “Tianfu Tourism Name County”. The events on the Jiangyou sports field have come to an end, but Jiang oil implements the development strategy of “industrial strong city, Wenxing City, open live-city, ecological beauty”, and goes all out to create a national Baiqiang County and build a new socialist modern rice. The journey just sailed. At the closing ceremony of the Mianyang Seven Games, Zou Da Shi, the Standing Committee of the CPC evening news in english Jiangyou Committee, and the Ministry of Propaganda, who made confident, tenacious struggle, and never gave up, and never gave up the new era. Guan Yuxinchuan and new stairs, comprehensively build China Science and Technology City and Socialist Modern Mianyang to make a river oil contribution.

Borrowing the new stairs in Dongfeng Jiangyou Sports

Jiangyou City delegation received 333 medals in the Mianyang Seven Hall of Games, including 141 gold medals, the best achievements made in the last Mianyang City Games, of which martial arts, football, track and field, etc. have a lead. As the “National Martial Arts Township” named by the State Sports General Administration, the Jiangyou City has 10,000 people, and participate in all kinds of martial arts competitions in the country. Jiangyou pays attention to the long and martial arts ndtv delhi characteristics of Haina in various martial arts and other martial arts, and enriched the spiritual cultural life of the people and enhances the physique of the people.

In recent years, Jiangyou City has adhered to the promotion of national fitness activities as an important people’s livelihood project for the people to win the people, and focus on creating urban sports atmospheres and promoting mass sports. Jiangyou City’s basic sports facilities continue to improve, existing community fitness paths, community sports fitness facilities coverage rate 100%, basically form a city 15 minute fitness circle.

Mianyang Seven Hall, let more people know Li Bai, but also make this city with strong poetry and enthusiastic city, no matter whether traffic, accommodation, catering, or organizational guarantee related to the event, Jiangyou today news in tamil live Use the most perfect state to welcome every event participant. The competition is injecting vitality into this city, promoting the improvement and efficiency of service industry, promoting urban development and progress. Jiangyou will continue Mianyang Seven Hands and work hard, dare to compete for the first, unity and experience, and save the new journey of “14th Five-Year” sports, let the exercise are happiness Jiang oil plus “oil”. (over)