Domestic media people anger C Luo, watching Karaceco in Morning! Simonny: Football has no revenge

“The same man, 4 rounds of group competition, C Luo play 5 goals. Don’t exaggerate, aaj ki khabar 2019 Solant is not over.” – Hano

C Luo once again interpreted “not old legend”! He always is like this, very excited, a man who is 36 years old, can always bring surprises to the world fans. As a fan, you can also expect or enjoy what he! On November 2nd, the Champions League Group was in the middle of the Champions League, and Manchester United was two times behind, with C Roofa opened two degrees, 2-2 Palatan Atlanta, continued to lead in the group point list. C Ro Luo is in that each goal can change the winning relationship and the fate of the team.

Leaving Juventus, he returned to the widespread 12 years of Manchester United, proved that the fans did not raise the second into the palace, and the number of crescent caresticks reached 798. Domestic media people are hot about C-Luo, Lu Yang said, “It is indeed NB! ‘No old legend’ four current update words have been redefined.” Zhan Jun said, please call him “Champions League”! Yuan Ye said that sometimes it is life, maybe C Ronald, other teams or others will come to Manchester United. Heroes encounter the time, when the hero.

There are 2 goals from the career 800 balls, it is easy to complete. Temporarily put down the reverence of C Luo, watch the horse competition in Morning, the front Dalian team leader foreign aid Karaceco! On November 4th, Beijing time, the 4th round of the Champions League, Ma Jingke War Liverpool, the official list of the officially announced in front of the programs, Kong Dobia, Lemar, Marcos 伦Excellency, Glezman suspension, Soviet, Karaceo, Phillix, etc.

In the list of Ma Jing, 3 people: Oblak, Le Kongte and Iturbei, 7 people: Jimen, Lord, Feli, Elmo, Triser, Frest Liko and Gonzalez, Sonander 6: hindi khabar today Karaceo, Cork, Erela, Deseloro, Sero, Carlos, Power 4: Su Yarez, Philox, Corea and Bank Nia. Ma Jing, who was previously lost 2-3, lost to Liverpool, this Fan Glass Red Army, the people will sharpen the knife.

Carrassco’s state is in the day, and the last round of La Liga contributes a shot, helping the team to overcome the Royal Betis, and have been evaluated 9.9 points after the game, and the Su To is only 6.1 points. Of course, the horse is paying attention to the whole, and Su Yare is ready to return to the Anfield game in two years. Simonny did not shake hands after publishing talks and arrival, “I explained after the game,” I said it again, I don’t call the opponent’s coach, because the experience of the coach is different. ”

Simon Ni continued, “In England, people think that the game is very gentleman, but I don’t agree, I don’t like hypocrisy, I follow my feelings. I and Kolp didn’t privately, he is a great coach. I value the achievements of every place staying, but I never rated the opponent team’s play, because I have my guidelines, our coach should respect each other. “Talking about this game, Simonny thinks will be A great game, “There is no revenge of football. In Anfield, we should continue to move.”

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