Conit: My teaching philosophy is very simple, with passion for fans bring attractive football

Live Bar November 3 After the talents, Kongtie received an interview, and he talked about his own teaching philosophy. Kongti said that his teaching philosophy is very simple, that is, with passion, attractive football.

Concert is talking about: “My coaching philosophy is very simple, bringing wonderful, attractive football with passion for our fans, has a stable, no undulating team. Fans should have a Competitive team, with the will offend, I will do every effort to match their support. ”

“Frankly, the summer talented phone, but my thoughts are very clear, I just ended the coaching in the country, it is not the right time to start. I am more willing to wait, and enjoy the time with my family, And I am still dd news channel numberenjoying the last experience. I am very proud of what I did nd news in previous clubs. I am proud. Hot thorn is a new challenge, I recent news of india in hindi hope this can be my coach. The important part of your career. “????????