Congratulations to the old seven? French football editor’s comparative Messi and Lai Wan, let’s make fans full of expectations

The 2021 Golden World Award has been closed, and the specific winning result will be announced on November 29. Before it was previously, the organizer “French football” editor PASCAL FERRE accepted an interview with Petir PiotR Ko? Miński. In this interview, Pascal Ferre talked about the selection criteria for the Golden Games and mentioned Messi’s performance. Have to say, after this, Messi’s fans are full of expectations for the Golden Globe Award.

When being asked to the Golden Globe aaj tak channel ki khabren is a reward for personal rewards or award, Pascal Ferre said: “The Golden Award is not the player who rewards the goals, because it is a different honor. But for the national team to win the cup A lot of players, this is not awarded award for the Cup. I think the definition of the most close to the Golden Globe is a honor. ”

If the individual is in 2021, Lawan is better than Messi. Last season, Levan represents Bayern played 40 games and scored 48 balls. Participate in 1.425 balls, for the European five major players, more than 106 balls than Messi.

However, Pascal Ferre clearly stated that the Golden Globe Award is an honor of personal performance and both team honors. So if the team is honored, then Messi’s American Cup champion is more convincing. La Wan last season followed the Bayern Wan Defli Champion, but this google business news honor’s persuasion is not high. Bayern is the most basic requirement in Dejia.

In the American Cup, Argentina led by Messi is not the most popular, Brazil is. It can be said that Messi uses 4 grades and 5 assists with Argentina all the way. It defeated powerful Brazil to win in the final. In addition, this is the first champion of Messi in the Argentine national team, a huge breakthrough in the career. If there is an intercontinental competition, the performance of the player in the contest will win more impression, which is also the best in Barcelonadi, but Messi is still the hotter of the Golden Globe.

Finally, Pascal Ferre also talked about Messi and Lawan in 2021 performance. About Lai Wan: “He has been a good performance in 2020, and La Wan has set a high threshold for himself, and he still tries to exceed it. For interesting news articles 2015 personal concern, his performance is excellent in 2021, but differences (with before One year) can be seen from the trophy from the team. Bayern has come out from the Champions League, which may be mainly due to La Wan’s absence and Paris competition, Poland is also eliminated in the European Cup group. ”

About Messi: “From the statistics, Messi’s performance is also very good. He is a bit of Lawan, Messi is also from the Champions League. Aftermer Messi won the Americas Cup, this is his country in Argentina The first important trophy of the team. However, this is not all, Messi is 34 years old, he still maintains a good competitive state. ”

The Golden Globe Voting has ended. As the editor of “French Football”, Pascal Ferre has already known voting results. From his evaluation of Jessi and Lawan, it seems to be more inclined to Messi.

La Wan’s personal performance is excellent, but Bayern is quickly out of the championship, Poland is also eliminated in the European Cup Group. Messi’s performance is also very good, although he is more early from the European championship. But Messi won the Americas Cup, the first important trophy. Next, Pascal Ferre is still still unable to come, and it comes to “how …”.

The Golden Globe is honorary with both individuals and teams. Both people played a personal performance of other competitors, but Messi’s team honors. Pascal Ferre has unconsciously revealed the final voting result, basically can congratulate Messi to win the seventh golden ball award.