Chinese football reverse tutorial Spain 2 Chinese experience guides Barcelona to revive?

Sports Weekly full media reporter Bi Mo report

This season, the Sikika just started, the front supercaptor of La Liga also had these two (click here). In the first of the Chinese football friendship, the second spirit of the game, Mallorca and Betis’s La Lang Die 1: 1 kicked.

In October, two small talents and La Wante were appointed to rescue the fire in Florez and Haville. Florez is a three-way palace, which is a Hakita, as for Levante to find Haville ….. Description can be super working in the golden dollar era, and it aaj ka dainik samachar is still a hard history.

These two days, Florez led the team’s first victory, as for Haville, next week is the old man Alavis, and there is also a chance.

At the end of October, the Barcelona official announced the new coach in Kuman, and many of the domestic Baruan were “Balhu”.

Domestic Zhejiang fans look at it, “this is not old.”

Serger, the first two years of Zhejiang Greentown (now Zhejiang professional) head coach took a year and a half, the first year of leaving exceeded a game, the second year after retreats after the semi-finals.

I don’t know why there are some people to translate into Barr Juan – when the player, Serger is also a name.

Therefore, Serger became the main coach of the 5th place in the season of La Liga.

Then the decision makers behind others are still taking the small Carku and today Icified by Chongqing and Shenzhen.

Cumman went a week before get out of class, the reporter took Xiaocru Iv and Serger to see the Barcelona team.

Xiaocru Iv’s big light is good

It turns out that the Daguar of Fuxing Barcelona has fallen into the hands of the Chinese branch.

In addition, Serger took office to coach Barcelona and created a record of Chinese football.

The Super Golden Element is able to have a large-scale coach from European South America. There are teams who have taken the World Cup champion. They have to take the Champions League. Also in the team command to command the Champions League semi-final.

However, various big-name coaches have been mixed into a circle and return to Europe. Those giants seem to be disodies of the exotic golden dollar, and the price is greatly depreciated after google news gurgaon contaminating. Before Pelegrini, it is the Premier League Championship + Champions League Coach, come to Hebei technical poverty alleviation for two years, go back to use the European Union Cup team like Western Hamlo and Royal Betis. Karpello has never laid-off and re-employment from Jiangsu Sun Ning.

And there is no qualification tape, which can only bring Serger, a TCA team, has become the first gorgeous master coach of the European League China Education Group. Sure enough, which circle DNA is most important, the Sthuskia on the side of Premier League.

There are DNAs, speaking in the locker room, really different, even if you have never brought it before

Put the clock to 10 years ago.

In the summer of 2011, Wanda Hire Camacho.

Previously, China football community, Spanish coach is a rare species, ndtv train running status western Europe coaches to China, have the British (Horton), with Germany (Schrappa, there are Verna, Lola, etc.), France’s (Leluwan), Italy also has (old Mattrazzi), it seems that there is no Spain.

From Wanda Sign Camacho, the coaches of Spain and related backgrounds entered the Chinese football community. In addition to the top-level professional league, the following ladies, foot schools, and even major primary and secondary schools, level, and the other Spanish coaches have come Chinese technology poverty alleviation.

10 years later, Zhongchao Jinyuan foam broke, the Spanish coach returned to hometown. At this weekend, the 1/4 coach at La Liga sat in front of the super / China coach.

I don’t know if Chinese football will leave any imprint for Spain’s football.

Don’t see that people are now agents, can’t today local news in hindi do it (refer to German head coach Walle, turn is not good, it is a generation of legend.

Attached: China Education Teaching Team of La Liga this week

Pelegrini (Betis) (former Hebei Huaxia Happiness Coach)

Louis (Mallorca) (former Beijing people and head coach)

Florez (Head) (former Shanghai Shenhua main coach)

Havel (Le Wante) (former Chongqing contemporary assistant coach, former Henan Lushan Longmen main coach)

Serger (Barcelona) (former Zhejiang Greentown – China A – Director)

I can’t sit down together, and the next time the La University coach will join together, you can open a Chinese coaching experience sharing will, share the host of Xiaokru Iv.

+ Small Cruume (Barcelona Technical Guide) (former Chongqing Contemporary, Shenzhen Director)